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May 15, 2013 11:49 AM

Basta, Ossining

Place looks very promising, although other than pix of Italy there is little information.

Anybody been? Outdoor seating? How's the food? Pricing on the lunch menu?


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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Here are the replies I got.....
    A friend of mine just told me they had been there and enjoy it very much, sorry can't elaborate more on that, I forget what they said they like about it, although I think it was the pizza.

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      We went the other night and really enjoyed it. It's small, very few tables, so you may want to call ahead. The menu is not that big but they are very accommodating and will try to make whatever you want (within reason). We had their brocolirabe pizza and it was very good, dough is different then most pizzeria's, I think it was a semolina dough. Not thick but not paper thin either. My eggplant dinner with spaghetti was excellent. Eggplant was cut lengthwise and lightly battered, not much sauce but that's the way I like it (you can always ask for more sauce). Spaghetti was al dente (also the way I like it). The ravoli is in house made and is also very good. The salad special for the night was a romain with blue cheese, cranberries, almonds and it was very fresh and crisp. We were very impressed and will revisit.