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May 15, 2013 11:48 AM

Austin for Bachelorette

Heading to Austin in August for a Bachelorette party and wanted to get some recommendations for brunch/lunch/and dinner! We're love all kinds of foods and are not picky - all price ranges.

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  1. How many people? Do you want private rooms? Where are yall coming from?
    Do you want Austin views like over the lakes? Places with live music?
    What parts of town? Will you have a car?
    Give us some specifics and we'll try to help out.

    Soleil at the Oasis compound has a great view of the lake and really good food. The Oasis next door has more inferior food but is much more casual and good for groups.

    Keep in mind August in Austin can be REALLY hot!

    Green Pastures and Moonshine are great Sunday brunch places.

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      It will be 6 of us and we don't need a private room. We're coming from PA and NYC. We will not have a car and will be staying downtown!

      Last time I was in town we went to La Condesa which was great - really just looking for some restaurants that have good food and are fun. We're probably more willing to go further for dinner as opposed to brunch...

    2. +1 for Green Pastures for Sunday brunch.

      1. Some may disagree but I think you'd like the vibe at Max's Wine Dive for brunch or dinner. I haven't been there for Brunch since they started offering a buffet but out of towners I took there all seemed to like it. For drinks or happy people seem to like The Moonshine, I don't love their brunch but it's very popular. If you have an adventure minded crew check out Gordoughs, the trailer or brick and mortar, for their desserts. They are big and greasy and very unique.

        1. If you liked La Condessa, consider Sway. It's a take on Thai food from some of the same people. It's not technically downtown, but less than a $10 cab ride away.