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May 15, 2013 11:22 AM

ISO: 1L plastic takeout containers w/lids

I'm looking for decent quality 1L clear, reusable, industry plastic takeout containers with lids. Tubs, I guess, that you'd find in a grocery store or a takeout deli.

Went to Nella Cutlery- no dice. Went to the place across the road from Nella on Norfinch- no dice.

In my GBC classes, they seem to come in these giant plastic bags, and they're cheap as chips- much cheaper than proper tupperware or ziploc.

Any ideas? Live downtown, work at Yonge/Finch but will happily travel wherever reasonable.

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  1. Tap Phong on Spadina or any bulk barn - but the bulk barn ones say bulk barn on them.

    1. if your ever out mississauga way go to the wholesale club on confederation parkway they have all kinds and types of take out containers for restaurant supplies..there is a location in toronto as well at 605 Rogers Rd, Toronto, ON M6M 1B9

      they are open to the public no membership required.

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      1. re: youdonut

        follow this advice, they have the thicker ones you're looking for.

        don't buy the cheap thin ones, they crack easily.

        1. re: youdonut

          Thanks so much for this link! Aside from containers, this is a great source that I'd overlooked.

          1. re: youdonut

            can one buy individual containers? or are they sold in huge packs?

            i've been snagging containers from my butcher (cuz we're regulars and they're generous) but don't want to continue to be dependent on them. i can definitely find use for 10-20 containers ... but not hundreds at a time!

            1. re: lilaki

              happy to report back that containers (and lids) are sold in packs of 50. very affordable and good quality too. thanks for this tip!

          2. Tap phong has them, but theirs aren't as good quality Imo. Should be fine for home use.

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            1. re: szw

              I think you're right if you don't mind the bulk barn brand they are better.

            2. Bulk Barn it is. Price in the range of what, five-ten bucks for fifty, plus lids?

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              1. re: biggreenmatt

                Just a note, make sure you can get lids that fit seperate. The lids crack or fail more often than the containers. I however love litre containers and use them all the time!

                1. re: biggreenmatt

                  which bulk barn did you purchase these at? and are these the thicker/better variety than what they have for their peanut butters, etc.?

                  1. re: lilaki

                    I went to the one near Danforth and Broadview. They were the PB versions. Nice and thick, though the lids left something to be desired.

                    Still, at $.40 a pop, they're cheaper and better than tupperware.

                2. A few of my coworkers have bought 1.5L containers from the kitchen supply store in the St. Lawrence Market, wouldn't be surprised if they carried 1L containers as well.