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May 15, 2013 11:01 AM

Lunch near 30th Street Station Tomorrow

Just found out a friend has a few hours between airport arrival & train departure from 30th St. tomorrow and we'd like to meet for lunch. I'm picking him up at the airport late morning and should be in the city by 12:30. His train leaves at 3:30. We'd prefer something within 15 minute drive from the station. I was thinking University City or some place between Broad St. & the station would work, he doesn't want to go to Chinatown. I'm hoping you CHs have some good lunch place recommendations for us

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  1. JG Domestic (Garces) in the Cirra center right next to the train station is not bad. White Dog in University city is not bad for lunch now that Penn is on summer holiday.

    Distrito in University City has a two course lunch for 15.00

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      Thanks, CW. We opted for JG Domestic and were happy with that choice. Split the flatbread, each had a panini and shared the duck fries. With a glass of wine and a beer, it came to a manageable $70.

    2. Osteria is open for lunch on Thursdays.
      It's great for lunch, and you can find street parking.
      In the Fairmount area, Figs, on 25th Street north of Fairmount, has a pleasant lunch and street parking.
      If you want to take a ride north on Kelly Drive, In Riva is less than 10 minutes north and has a parking lot. Informal, pizza, small plates, etc. and pretty fast.

      1. The Waterworks next to the Art Museum would be perfect.
        In fact, so would the Art Museum restaurant. That way you get two for the price of one!