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May 15, 2013 09:25 AM

Boston with a 1-year old

Heading to Boston with my wife and 13-month old for our 5-year anniversary next week. Staying on waterfront, next to Columbus Park. Curious about places to walk in the morning for breakfast. Also curious about wait times at the following if we went for lunch, or early dinner (5:00 PM):

Neptune Oyster
Regina Pizzeria
Sam Lagrassa

Also, if we do one day to visit Harvard, any lunch reccomendations close to campus? Thank you all!!

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  1. I've gone to Regina's for a late afternoon/early evening and only waited about 10 minutes. It can be unpredictable based on weather and other factors.

    Depending on what you like, Otto is a great pizza place near Harvard. It's only to-go, but you can eat while sitting in Harvard Yard. Their mashed potato/bacon/scallion is amazing. And the butternut squash/cranberry/ricotta is pretty great too.

    If you're looking for a nicer/sitdown place, Russell House Tavern is great. Harvard Square also has a handful of popular burger places - Mr. Bartley's, Tasty Burger, Flat Patties...

    1. I would not recommend Neptune with such a little one. It is a very tiny place (see attached photo) and I'm not even sure if they have high chairs.

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        That's too bad. I've been dreaming about the lobster roll. I wonder if they do take-out, or if we get there right when they open at 11:30, and eat fast.

      2. My google-foo is not working right now but you might want to check if any of the big college graduations are coming up. This time of year the waits can be longer if more than one are happening over a weekend (Th-Mon).

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          thanks boston zest for providing us with these commencement dates! there is a huge influx of visitors during these times.

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            Awesome! I couldn't find a comprehensive list. You are good!

        2. anthony's on the waterfront (commercial street) is a great no-frills place for breakfast.

          1. Just got back from our trip, and had a great time. Definitely a challenge with the baby, but we really got to every place we wanted to. Went to the following:

            Regina Pizzeria -- Great pizza, amazing atmosphere, only waited 15 min on Wed. night.

            FIGS -- Got their early with the baby, and had a great lunch

            Boston Chowda (at Fanuiel Hall) -- surprisingly good chower

            Flour -- nice breakfast, though I thought the sticky buns were way overrated

            Neptune Oyster -- they allowed us to do takeout of lobster rolls and chowder since we had the baby (wouldn't do takeout for anything on the raw bar). Lobster rolls were amazing. Best my wife and I ever had.

            Zaftigs (Brookline) -- wanted to get some matzah ball soup for our daughter, and heard this was a great Jewish Deli. Great food, and not a big crowd at dinner time.

            Darwins (Cambridge) -- Nice little coffee/breakfast place reccomended by a friend.

            Picco -- great pizza and ice cream.

            Giacomos -- got their at 4:35, and waited 30 min for a table. Sat down, baby had a fit, and had to order our food to go. Food was great, but it's hard with a baby.

            North Street Grille -- awesome breakfast our last day, in the North End. I had never heard of it, but apparatnely it is popular. We arrived early, but by the time we left people were waiting outside. Great french toast.

            Thank you to those who posted and gave suggestions. We had a great time. Overall, most of the places were very accomodating of the baby.