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May 15, 2013 07:54 AM

Salad Bars?

Hi Northern NE 'hounds,

Can you recommend restaurants in Southern NH/ME/Northern MA that have good salad bars? I have an aunt who *loves* salad bars. She's 80-something, and I'd like our outings to be as pleasant as possible for her.

The Green Barn in Methuen, MA used to have one; they're defunct now. The Red Parka up in the Glen, NH area is too far for a drive. I'd prefer to go to a non-chain (i.e, not a Ruby Tuesday's, if possible). Any ideas about places within an hour or so's drive of the Mass border? Thanks!

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  1. Gaucho's BrazillianIn Manchester has a pretty extensive Salad Bar.

    1. Sounds like Warren's in Kittery, ME may be perfect for your aunt. My wife and I like the combo of salad bar and seafood - which has been fresh and competently prepared - so we hit it up whenever we are in the area.

      You can score some coupons on their website too.

      1. Thanks guys. Believe it or not, I have been to both, but aunt hasn't. She'll probably get just the salad bar in Gaucho's since the meat-a-palooza would be too much for her appetite. Warrens would be a nice drive in the summer weather.

        1. Not quite in the location you are asking but in case someone else comes looking in te VT area. In 1995 Warner's Gallery in Wells River VT had a decent salad bar. Fire and Ice in Middlebury had a nice one too.

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            I don't mind the local...I appreciate the tip, esp. with the good weather coming. Thx!