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May 15, 2013 07:17 AM

Anniversary Dinner in Manhattan

Hello from DC! We are coming to NYC for our anniversary june 6-9. We want a really nice dinner on 7 june to celebrate. Tried to get into EMP and booked of course. So our choices at this point are: Aereole; Cafe Boulud; Le Cirque; Mark Restaurant; Nougatine at Jean George; Russian Tea Room. We are looking for an experience like 1789 or Citronelle in DC if you are familiar w/ those... really nice atmosphere, jackets, excellent food and wine and service. Which should we pick? If you have another option for us that we might be able to get into at this point please advise! thank you!

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  1. What's your budget, per person, before tax, tip, and wine/drinks? EMP is very expensive and if you were willing to do EMP, you can essentially do most restaurants at that level (except Per Se and Masa).

    Does it HAVE to be dinner on Friday June 7th? What about lunch? Early dinner? Late dinner?

    Thursday or Sunday instead of Friday?

    Why the jacket requirement? There are a lot of upscale ish places that might work but don't necessarily require jackets (like The Modern, perhaps).

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    1. re: kathryn

      Cool... my hubby likes to wear a jacket so i guess i wasn't saying 'jacket required' just where that would fit in. Yes, he definitely wants to do it on friday night as that's our anniv (he's traditional...) He won't do late so i'd say the range is probably between 6-8. Price isn't really a factor but we don't want to do 300 PP either like Per Se. Anything in the EMP $ range is cool. Also, probably don't want to go any further downtown than Flatiron/Grammery Park, we are staying at the Waldorf so closer is better. We do have a reservation already at Aureole just didn't see that listed in many places so wasn't sure if it is really one of the best. Willing to change for something better! thanks!

      1. re: DCDOLL

        Dining Room at The Modern might be a nice choice, I usually find people go a little more upscale for dinner there, a jacket certainly WOULD NOT be unusual. And if you like the idea of Jean George then go the dining room route instead of Nougatine. Also like the suggestion of Picholine, wonderful food, pretty interior.

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          The Modern is my choice for a celebration. Picholine is also a very nice option.

    2. No one much likes the Russian Tea Room on this board but personally I would recommend it. It is very memorable and quite a New York icon. Go for it!

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      1. re: bronwen

        Do those who don't like it say why? it sounds very traditional yes? we like stuff like that! But if the food and service aren't as good as the surroundings we'd rather do somethign else. Can you comment on those? thanks

        1. re: DCDOLL

          Because the food is frankly not very good.

          1. re: Sneakeater

            +1. if you want traditional with still excellent food, la grenouille is a much better choice.

      2. I enjoyed Citronelle when I was in DC two years ago. If you're willing to have dinner in the Lincoln Center area, I highly recommend Picholine since it meets your criteria (really nice atmosphere, jackets, excellent food and wine and service). Another highly recommended restaurant that also meets your criteria, but is just south of the Flatiron area is Tocqueville.

        1. You might consider either Ai Fiori or Marea.

          Just was at both, and both are excellent. If you do Marea, you can take a stroll through Central Park after dinner as by June 7 the nights in NYC will not only be perfect weather-wise, but charmingly romantic.

          Enjoy and good luck wherever you end up.

          Remember, no matter where you're at, very few things taste bad when you're dining with the one you love and love the one you're dining with.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            "Remember, no matter where you're at, very few things taste bad when you're dining with the one you love and love the one you're dining with."

            Didn't know you had it in you, Ipsedixit. :)

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Agree with you about Ai Fiori. Have not yet dined at Marea.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                " ... by June 7 the nights in NYC will not only be perfect weather-wise,"
                if you're making that promise, 'he said', I'd love to short it!
                [speaking empirically ;~)]

                1. re: Phil Ogelos

                  I'll sell you the shorts.

                  I'm perfectly hedged either way. Got me some good derivative swaps. Goldman Sachs is all over it for me.

              2. "really nice atmosphere, jackets, excellent food and wine and service."

                If you do not mind a 5:30pm reservation, Opentable is showing Del Posto for June 7. Excellent food and service. Tables are a nice distance from one another. Beautiful space, too. Great anniversary spot.

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                1. re: ttoommyy

                  Thanks everyone! will definitely check out those rec's. And we are huge wine bar fans so if you have any fave wine bars please share so we can make plans for our other nights!!

                  1. re: DCDOLL

                    Go for wine and tapas at Txikito.

                    Aria wine bar in the far west Village is also pretty good, but (unless they changed this) the bottles are a bad deal, relative to the glasses. Specials cost more, but it's worth getting some, anyway.

                      1. re: DCDOLL

                        You'll find that Txikito has gotten a lot of love here, and rightly so.

                        I see Tocqueville has been recommended. I've never been there for dinner, but their prix fixe lunch is possibly the lunch deal in New York. I've gone there for lunch a couple of times, and it was just a wonderful experience in every way.

                    1. re: DCDOLL

                      Corkbuzz on e 13th near union square has some amazing wines by the glass you don't often see (i had an aged reisling!) and really kind intelligent staff, good for before or after dinner food was fine but too much $$for what it was IMO
                      I always love bar veloce (wine bar) two locations,