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May 15, 2013 06:26 AM

Marfa/Van Horn

Visiting these two towns at the end of this month.
Any must eats?

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  1. Don't know too much about Marfa, but there's NOT A PLACE
    in Van Horn that I'd recommend. John Madden used to rave about Chuy's there, but I've eaten there 2 times and it's awful. Do anything to avoid it. Pack a lunch...chew gum... drive on to Marfa. Sometime in the past there was a hamburger place, but it closed. I must also add that the last
    time I was driving that direction was last year in August, so something may have changed, but I doubt it.

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      Thanks for the heads up. Disappointing as it may be!!

      1. re: amazinc

        Chuy's was featured by the Daytripper show this year and it looked pretty good. Sorry to hear it is not...were looking forward to stopping there on our way West next time.

        BTW, the Daytripper's newest show featured Marfa, and I think he found a sandwich at a pretty good grocery store deli there. Pickin's are lean in the vast unpopulated West Texas!

      2. Cochineal in Marfa has been almost worth the longish drive from San Antonio by itself.

        1. Cochineal.
          Period. Full stop. Best breakfast ...ever.. If I was allowed, I am there for every meal.
          For "not on the fine dining list" ;
          Food Shark is fun and good.
          If you are going to the McDonald observatory (you should go to the star show) , the snack bar is stunningly good... really ..
          Pizza Foundation.
          You will want to pack road food from the Get Go Grocery: if you are going east, once you have driven past Reata (Alpine) there is nothing ... really.

          1. Friends swear by Cochineal. .
            Hit up the Prada Marfa

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