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May 15, 2013 06:03 AM

College kids in D.C. for the week

What are some great D.C. destinations for typically underfunded but foodie hounds from up north looking for cool lunch and dinners during a study week in D.C?

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  1. It would be helpful to know your price range and what areas of the city you'll be in. Also if these kids are drinking age or not.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Hey good questions. "underfunded" was my euphemism for moderate- to low-priced places, and no drinking please!

        1. re: Just Visiting

          He says "close to city center-ish: but can travel during free time. Thanks!

          1. re: localfoodmaven

            Do you know a landmark they'll be near or the hotel they'll be staying at? Or even what metro stop they're near? City center doesn't really mean a whole lot in DC.

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              Please be more precise. People are trying to help you or your kid/friend (as it is now clear that you are writing for someone else). Lunch breaks are not usually long enough to allow for much travel.

              Surely they must know where they will be staying? If it is a study week, perhaps it is a program run by one of the universities? GW is nearer to downtown than Georgetown or AU or Catholic U. And the nearby eating options (again - thinking lunch) are very different in each area.

              Yes, at dinner time, they will likely have more time and can hop on the metro (if they are staying near a metro) but even then, it would be helpful to have more info. What do they like, dislike? Are they vegetarian? Vegan?

              Because right now, your request amounts to "give me a list of every cheap restaurant in DC and the nearby suburbs."

      1. If you're willing to venture out to the Virginia Square area of Arlington, you should try the pollo a la brasa at El Pollo Rico. I recommend it to all my college friends.

          1. re: susan1353

            Second Ethiopian. Cheap, good, and lots of fun.

          2. Eastern market for a nice grazing lunch and to pick up supplies!

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              Cheap and filling eats can be had at Tortilla Cafe. Or you could get a nice halfsmokes off the grill at Canales Meats in the market.

              Closer to the Navy Yard, Levi's Port Cafe has good cheap soul food. Skip the BBQ unless you like yours drowned in sauce. Go for the collards, fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and the best fried porkchops around. For $10, you can kill yourself in there.

            2. Here are my three favorites:

              Toki Undrgorund. Go for the kimchi ramen. This is a tiny place that gets totally packed with people waiting for hours, but you can reserve for 6pm or earlier. Worth going out of your way for.


              Go for the tail end of Happy Hour (before 7pm every day) at Lyon Hall, where you can get the warm pretzels, shortrib frank, and pickled vegetables at a reduced price, then order the kraut garnie from the regular menu. Clarendon metro.

              El Rinconcito for the papusas, tamales, and the carne deshilada.