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May 15, 2013 05:43 AM

Space food - it's not just tubes anymore!

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  1. For sale to the earthbound at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

    1. Early on in the space program they ate regular food. Here's a video of Buzz Aldrin, on Apollo 11 in 1969, making a deviled ham sandwich. He used a regular slice of bread and a can of deviled ham.

      Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin makes a makes a ham spread sandwich

      1. Here's a link to info about a BBQ rub that NASA used on the last Space Shuttle flight (STS-135 in July 2011). Also links to the NASA BBQ rub recipe.

        I've made the NASA BBQ rub, and it's a real keeper. Really good on slow cooker meat, also.

        Special American Meal Planned for Final Space Shuttle Crew

        Original NASA bbq rub recipe (food formula in percentage by weight).
        Beef Brisket, Barbecued, Sliced

        NASA bbq rub recipe in Cups, Tablespoons and Teaspoons.