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May 15, 2013 05:02 AM

Brown Sugar Storage

For years I kept my brown sugar in a Tupperware container and it did a reasonable job of keeping my brown sugar soft and clump-free. Reasonable but not outstanding.

I'm now replacing my old, odd-shaped containers and looking to replace them with with a more streamlined system. mr bc uses brown sugar daily on his oatmeal so I need a container that stands up to daily use and, does a good job of keeping brown sugar moist.

Does anyone have a T&T favourite to recommend?

I did find one on King Arthur's site but it seems to get mixed reviews:

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  1. I keep it in the original plastic bag with no issues. Seriously.

    The older box-style Domino would harden up on me, but I don't purchase those anymore. I usually buy the sugar in plastic bags and it doesn't dry out...and we use it very slowly/infrequently.

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      Same here. I don't use brown sugar that often but if I buy the kind in the plastic bag it keeps for a long time.

      You can also get one of these disks

    2. I keep mine in the original plastic bag too. But in the fridge since I don't use it that often. It stays soft although not exactly 'fluffy'. I think it was those wax papery lined boxes that were the problem years ago.

      1. The issue is it drying out. If it gets hard, a piece of bread tossed in with it will soften it up overnight. I have used a damp paper towel, and have even microwaved it to soften it up in a hurry.

        The ceramic sugar containers have an unglazed lid that you soak in water, and that keeps the humidity up, like the discs do.

        1. I used to use tupperware, too, but after getting a set of Snaplock plastic I've found it works much better. I'm not sure why, it seems both should be airtight. (shrug)

          I got the set at Costco or Sams, and have since bought a 2nd set, plus 2 sets of Glasslock. I'm a convert.

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          1. re: DuffyH

            Yep, I use Snaplock too and it works perfectly.

          2. I keep some in a canning jar and the rest I put the bag in the frezzer. Works well for me.