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May 15, 2013 04:51 AM

Markets in Burgundy and the Jura?

Are there any food markets to look out for in Burgundy and the Jura? We're there for a week in May/June, moving from Dijon/Beaune on Saturday to Iguerande on Sunday to Tuesday and the Jura (Poligny) from Tuesday to Sunday. Our hope was to pick up good picnic lunch material, especially cheese and fruits! In Dijon, we were thinking of going to les Halles around midday on Saturday to get the jambon persillé at Christian (or is it now Marcel?) Sabatier.

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  1. Any fromagerie or boulangerie recommendations would be marvellous, too!

    1. At Dijon covered, Gaugry has booth for Epoisses and in Bourg-en-Bresse the covered market is great as well, waaay too many chickens.

      1. Two large markets, Chalon-sur-Saone on Friday and Beaune on Saturday (Wednesday Beaune market in very small). The Sunday market in Chagny is very local and friendly.

        1. Perhaps on your way to Iguerande: the excellent Mons fromagerie at the Halles Diderot at Roanne. This is where we picked up supplies for the cadole.

          I also remember a wonderful fromagerie in Champagnole (Jura). I wanted to buy the entire shop.

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            Just there and found the shop to be very weak for products l was interested in. Help was wonderful, but bought virtually nothing.

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              Thank you mangeur, Delucacheesemonger and Blue Ox for the recommendations! (Flew to London pre-France and just checked back on the thread.) We'll be driving in the mid-afternoon past Beaune on a Saturday and Chagny on a Sunday, so if the markets haven't ended by that time we'll check them out. The fromageries and chickens sound great.