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May 15, 2013 03:55 AM

Top BYOB or Table d'Hote at the moment

Hi all,

I've had to live away from Montreal for the past year but am bringing some friends back with me in July. I'd like to expose them to what I think Montreal does best: affordable neighborhood joints in the range of $30 entrees. I know that there are usually one or two places on top of this scene and I'd like to know which would be a safe bet now. I'm looking for the following characteristics:

Nothing too fancy, a focus on French/Quebec food, either BYOB or reasonably priced Table d'Hote (we want to stay in the range of about $70 per person after wine, tax and tip), takes reservations, consistent quality, accessible by metro. Bonus points for having larger portions as I am traveling with some... larger Americans used to eating a lot.

Failing a good recommendation, I'll probably just take them to APDC, but I'm kinda bored of it. Besides, chowhound has never let me down before!

Thanks in advance for your great recommendations!

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  1. Quartier General would be my go to. Pretty affordable, great food, BYOB.

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    1. re: Stax88

      Of course I second this. As much as I want to recommend a less well-known BYO, I think QG has the most interesting dishes. Beyond that, they are also considerably more affordable than most others in the same category. Even after ordering the priciest main a 4-course meal is still only $43+tax.

      Otherwise, I'd maybe consider Monsieur B or P'Tit Plateau, but there aren't many new options on the scene. You could try Smoking Vallee, but it certainly isn't my favourite based on any criteria.

    2. There's Le Smoking Vallee that opened a little over a year ago in Saint-Henri, the neighborhood that's currently the talk of the town. It's a BYOW and serves creative French-inspired cuisine.

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        1. re: 514eats

          Sorry to say, but the food is not up to par .
          Way overpriced and really not worth it.

          1. re: chowchow49

            We never said it was a great place, we just suggested it as a newer place on the BYOW scene that made some noise when it first opened. We've only been once and had an average experience.

          2. re: 514eats

            Just went to Smoking Vallee this past weekend. My second time there. Food was slightly above average, but not worth the premium in price. Service was average. For the money, I don't think it is worth it.

            However, there are few other options in the area and it is why they are doing so well. I really hope they iron out the service issues and it would be a much better bet.

            1. re: 514eats

              Agreed that just because one can bring wine, the restaurant with average (pricy) or below meals is skipable....there are better options in Montreal

            2. Grenadine! But don't tell anyone. I am vegetarian and they always make me something interesting if there is not a veggie choice on the menu. BYOB,
              and close to Metro. Walking distance to St Denis St. Small resto so be sure to reserve.

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              1. re: rooibus

                Dear little red bush or bus,

                That is very interesting - I have events at or near UQAM or Cégep de Vieux-Montréal, and am always looking for places with good vegetarian options. I'm not vegetarian, but try to limit meat and focus on vegetables, and have friends who are veg.

                I always try to suggest more veg options when restaurants ask for suggestions.

                1. re: lagatta

                  I adore grenadine, we go every year on New years night as a little couple tradition, and it's always excellent, with great service. Definately reserve!

              2. Recently I've been a few times to La Prunelle. Food is great & service excellent. $49 4 course table hote, never disappoints.

                I also recently ate at Le Square on Prince Arthur. Good service but just passable food. Old French bistro standards done just ok.