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May 15, 2013 12:26 AM

Best Early Breakfast Spot in the relative downtown area

Hey all,

I need the best breakfast place in the relative downtown area that serves breakfast early! I'm trying to be seated at 6 am, and need to be at USC no later than 7:30 for graduation. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards Pacific Dining Car, but am open to anything.

I have no qualms with eating on the westside, but am just nervous that I will not be back to school in time if work traffic is bad.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Trust your first instinct: Pacific Dining Car

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    1. re: J.L.

      Nick's Cafe, near Chinatown

      There is a place called Jack's n Joes, I have not been yet but it looks good and is closer to USC.

      Just did the Pacific Dining Car a week ago, you can not go wrong with The Crab Benedict or the Banana Walnut Pancakes & Sausage.

    2. If you want to go "cheaper" than PDC (which I also like) they have a really good breakfast burrito at Farmer Boys LA and they are a 24/7 operation. A bit farther away, but sill easily doable, is Fred 62, also 24/7 and with the best hash browns that I've had in L.A. so far. Their website is down for maintenance for some reason so I'll link to my recent CH review here and their Yelp reviews here

        1. re: JAB

          Urth Cafe Downtown

          Great Coffee and Tea. Their breakfasts are all good but I am partial to their Eggs Verde. They open at 6AM and the drive to USC is only 15min from there (I can't say how crazy parking at USC will be on Graduation day though)

        2. PDC is nice, but pricey.

          How much ambiance do you want/are you willing to pay for?

          The restaurants in the Standard and in the Omni downtown are pretty good.

          The Pantry, 9th and Figueroa, is, of course, open 24/7.

          Philippe The Original 1001 N. Alameda, opens at 6:

          While Fred 62 is also 24/7, it's a considerably longer trek to USC, and their service is, (ahem) "casually paced"...