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May 14, 2013 11:36 PM

Upcoming B-day Trip to NYC

That time of year again where I come to the boards looking for recommendations on my tentative itinerary. Back to NYC it is..

So the short list of where we've been already -
Ai Fiori
Per Se
Eleven Madison Park

What we have planned this time around:

Thursday Lunch - Motorino's
Thursday Dinner - Tentative.. was thinking Peter Luger's?
Bar - Pouring Ribbons

Friday Breakfast - Dominque Ansel Bakery, love this place. (any recommendations for similar spots?)
Friday Lunch - open
Friday Dinner - Brooklyn Fare

Saturday Breakfast - Ess-a-Bagel
Saturday Lunch - Momofuku Ko
Saturday Dinner - open
Bar - The Wayland

Sunday Breakfast - Shopsin's
Sunday Lunch - Katz's
Sunday Dinner

Monday Breakfast - open
Monday Lunch - open

Hotel is in Midtown.. we usually take the train everywhere but sometimes will cab.

Honestly, I'm not sure where else to go. We like cocktail bars (D&C, AyA, Angel's Share, PDT) but I'm not sure I feel like going through the enormous hassle of 3 hour waits or needing to make reservations this time around. We have pretty broad palates and like trying new places. Torrisi and NoMad are what I'm thinking currently.

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  1. Re cocktail bars: you've named four of the smallest bars that exist here. And three of those don't allow any standing. If you go to a larger bar and on the earlier side, you won't have the hassle of a wait or making a reservation if you don't want to.

    I like Pegu Club around 5-6pm, and Little Branch right when they open at 7pm. LB has also opened Middle Branch. And Milk and Honey has moved to a bigger space uptown. I can't remember the last time I waited at Mayahuel as it is two levels, but I usually don't go Fri-Sat. Booker & Dax isn't too bad either as most people are just killing time before their table is ready at Ssam Bar.

    Another is to focus on restaurants with excellent cocktail programs, like Momofuku Ssam Bar, The NoMad, and Empellon Cocina.

    Thursday dinner, you'll need to book Peter Luger 6-8 weeks ahead. I believe they only open up their books two weeks at a time, and it may take a few calls to actually reach someone there. Afterwards, grab a drink at Dram or walk to Maison Premiere. Both and excellent cocktails and they don't have absurd waitlists like PDT. MP, especially, tends to clear out after their oyster happy hour ends.

    Friday lunch, I'd do something like Mission Chinese, to mix things up. Or maybe sushi at 15 East, tapas at Tertulia or Txikito.

    On Saturday, after a giant lunch at Ko, maybe something really light for dinner, like Luke's Lobster or other seafood (Prima?). For one of your open dinners, I'd do somewhere in the EV, like Luke's, then the Wayland, and a stop at Pouring Ribbons. They're not too far apart.

    After eating at Shopsin's, you will be far too full for Katz's Deli, unless you're getting it to go. I'd move Katz's to Monday lunch, and squeeze in Italian for Sunday dinner.

    Monday breakfast, perhaps The Breslin?

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    1. re: kathryn

      To add to Kathryn's reply here:
      If you want to stay on tle Lower East Side on Sunday (where Shopsin's and Katz's both are located), move the Katz's meal to later in the day and do RGR's Lower East Side walking tour that day,
      You can pick/graze/walk off the breakfast and share something for a late meal at Katz's.

    2. for cocktail bars, definitely try dead rabbit

      1. Finalized, I think?

        Thursday Lunch - Motorino
        Thursday Dinner - Takashi
        Thursday Dessert - Per Se Dessert Tasting

        Friday Breakfast - Dominique Ansel Bakery
        Friday Lunch - Minetta Tavern
        Friday Dinner - Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

        Saturday Breakfast - Murray's Bagels
        Saturday Lunch - Momofuku Ko
        Saturday Dinner - Empellon Cocina
        Bar - The Wayland/Pouring Ribbons

        Sunday Breakfast - Doughnut Plant
        Sunday Lunch - $$ - [Red Hook Lobster Truck]
        Sunday Dinner - NoMad
        Bar - Raines Law Room @ 8PM

        Monday Breakfast - Dominique Ansel Bakery, again? ;) or FPB
        Monday Lunch - Katz's

        Thanks for all the input!

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        1. re: kronik

          Love Takashi but they don't take reservations for two. On a recent Sunday, at 7pm, the wait was two hours.

          Also Minetta and Takashi back to back is a lot of beef. And MT on the same day as Brooklyn Fare! Will you be getting a steak at Minetta?

          Looks like you dropped Luger and Shopsins and an Italian restaurant?

          1. re: kathryn

            Our plan was to get there earlier to ideally avoid a long wait and subsequently a burger at MT.

            Indeed, per your note on the reservations, I dropped Luger. We want to go to Shopsin's but there are tons of other places I'd like to try as well. The lines are not great, no?

            Regarding the Italian restaurant, yes. It was between Empellon Cocina and TIS on Saturday night and my wife loves any and all Mexican food plus you mentioned their bar program favorably.

            1. re: kronik

              IMO murrays bagels is really not so great. Ees a bagel is excellent, the pick-a-bagel on 23rd st and 3rd ave, and a tiny hole (no seats)" times square hot bagel" #200 on 44th st, b/w 7th and 8th Ave.

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                Times Square Hot Bagel closed last year.

          2. re: kronik

            Do you already have rezzies at Brooklyn Fare and Ko? If not, do you have backup plans for those slots?

            For Saturday or Sunday breakfast I'd do something a bit more interesting - maybe check out the brunch at Public? It's a well-loved brunch by many, super-creative and fun. You can always do Doughnut Plant instead of one of your two Ansel spots, since they're open on weekdays. I wouldn't do it Saturday, if you've already got the Ko reservation - might be overkill. Actually, I probably wouldn't have breakfast at all that day unless the Ko rez was on the later side - but Sunday would be good for them.

            Lines at Shopsin's are actually not bad on weekdays - it's the weekends where it gets really crazy. You could do them for lunch on Thursday if you're in town in time (they close at 2PM) or Friday breakfast or lunch.