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May 14, 2013 09:58 PM


I've been to several of the many Ethiopian restaurants on the north side. They tend to blend in my mind and I'm not sure which one I think is best. Want to introduce a friend to Ethiopian and am wondering what my fellow chowhounds would recommend. Thanks.

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  1. Ras Dashen is my go-to for Ethiopian. In addition to the solid food and kind staff, they are very community-minded, often with charity functions in the back room. For a well-rounded introduction with all the fixings, request a traditional table and order honey wine. I haven't been but I have friends who prize Demera, which has the advantage of some patio seating in the summer, and easy access to Green Mill for a classic Chicago experience.

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      I agree; Ras Dashen is my favorite as well.

    2. I'm relatively new to Ethiopan food, and Demera has been my introduction. I love that I can go there and tell the waitress to bring me a selection of what she thinks I should try and everything she brings me is just wonderful.