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May 14, 2013 06:26 PM

Any one have experience with Lambs Quarter from seed?

I've admitted defeat to the squirrels with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers on my deck.

I'm going a different route and trying sweet potatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes and lambs quarter.

I purchased seed for lambs quarter, but there weren't instructions included. The info on the web is all over the places...

I'm in NC zone 7b and planting in containers. Would be appreciative of any first hand advice!


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  1. Lambs Quareris really a weed, and it grows natually allover the place so reallyt just sprinke the seed and enjoy. It grows tall adn is think so spacing shold not really be an big issue.

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      Yes, that was my initial thought. But then I began to read about the difficulty many had with the seeds. Some resorted to sprouting, scratching the outer seed pod, soaking in something acidic such as orange juice. Many reported less than 10% success rate with their seeds. I don't have that many seeds so I posted the question!

      I have foraged lambs quarter before and it is delicious. I really hope to be able to just pop out to the deck and gather it regularly!