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Too much garlic! Arghhh

I just made a batch of hummus. The large clove of garlic I added is REALLY strong and has a sharp bite. Anything I can add to tone it down? I've added some sun dried tomatoes in oil. Didn't help. Maybe it will be better tomorrow. My breath must be horrendous! Any ideas?

On a side note: The Trader Joe's garbanzo beans I used are the creamiest ever!

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      It won't be better tomorrow. It will seem more pungent. I agree that more chickpeas will help. Did you use tahini? More of that will tone it down as well. To me, olive oil just carries garlic's bite further.

    2. Make another batch, sans garlic and then blend the two.

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        Yes, I used tahini. No Trader Joe's nearby. I'll need to use another brand of chick peas :(

      2. I've had the same problem a few times in the past. Tahini does help, and I also will add lemon juice to provide some brightness, but the only real solution

        1. Don't be afraid of a lot of garlic. Embrace it!

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            "Too much garlic."

            I understand each of those words individually but collectively they have no meaning to me. Maybe our correspondent didn't roast the garlic first?

            1. re: nokitchen

              Yep. I'm with you there. I don't think that three-word string has any significance in my worldview.

              But even un-roasted, I still just love garlic!

          2. Don't add a potato! Heh heh

            1. This sounds like a job for MOAR PARSLEY.

              1. i made Tzatziki for mom's day and I over did the garlic a bit myself (which is an oxymoron for me - I love garlic).

                Though i used 4 big cloves instead of one... I went ahead and served it anyway it got eaten and no one complained but me.

                If everyone is eating than you'll all have the same breath... no need to worry about that.

                1. I always remove the germ from my garlic, this helps to eliminate the strong taste of it.

                  1. Add more garlic and send it to me?

                    1. When I want mellow garlic, I sprinkle salt in a mortar and use the pestle to mash the garlic in that before adding it to the food processor or blender. The salt tames the garlic's bite. Old garlic also has a strong taste that I find unpleasant, so using new garlic helps.

                      To get rid of garlic breath, or at least neutralize it, chew a few cardamom seeds or sprigs of parsley. Yes, you do have to swallow them because the garlic is in your system.

                      1. Re: your side note, were the TJs garbanzo beans conventional or organic? They have both. Thanks.