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May 14, 2013 05:45 PM

What are your 5 favorite restaurants in LA?

And how often do you eat there? Here are mine:

Mori Sushi. Once a month
Drago Centro. Twice a month
Gjelina. Twice a month
Melisse. Three times a year
Urasawa. Once a year

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  1. Sotto
    Dan Tanas

    1. Only considered restaurants I visit 3+ times/year:

      Bludso's BBQ - once/3 months
      Kiriko - once/2 months
      Night+Market - once/3 months
      Shunji Japanese Cuisine - once/2 months
      Tsujita LA - twice/month

      1. Patina - twice every 3-4 months

        Kimagure - once every 2-3 months

        Sea Harbour - once a month

        Sin Ba La - twice a month

        The Hat - (really try not to keep track)

        1. I am assuming you mean dinner places, not so much lunch?

          1. Bestia - once every 1-2 months
            Hoy Ka - once or twice a month
            LQ@Vertical (LQ@SK) - once every 3-4 months
            Tar and Roses - whenever I'm in WLA
            Mariscos Jaliscos/Ricky's Fish Tacos - 2-3 times a month... god I love seafood tacos