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recent recs @les 400 coups, au pied?

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my wife and i are going to montreal later in the month and i've already secured reservations @400 coups and apdc. we've never been to either, but have seen the normal menus for both places.

i've gone through the posts on here and some blogs for the normal good dishes at both. are there any special dishes which would be served in 3 weeks that are outstanding at either place?

thanks for any help.

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  1. You should be here in time for the start of the seafood season at APDC. Menu for those specials will change daily, as per what's available.

    1. I think it depends what you like, I enjoyed the poutine with foie gras although I never eat poutine. I would not taste the odd looking wobbly duck in the can from appearance but also after they told me preparation however it appeals to others. I would try sharing some dishes as portions large. Its not my kind of place although I can see why it appeals to tourists and others who like this kind of heavy food. Ambience not attractive to me either. Having said that I am looking forward to visiting the sugar shack satellite come apple time! I think recommendations of specific menu items is such an individual thing at this particular resto

      1. Maybe you've already seen my usual PDC recommendations, but in brief:
        - the seafood platters are great and usually out by the end of May
        - Any other specials of the day are usually particularly excellent
        - Most of the starters/appetizers are a great value, especially the tongues & the cochonailles platter
        - I don't think it's on menu right now, but Plogue a Champlain is exceptional and sometimes shows up as a shared appetizer special
        - I tend to avoid the duck in a can, pork chops, and both pied de cochon dishes

        Everything at 400 Coups is amazing. Save room for desserts, as they're the highlight (and I normally dont like sweet things at the end of a meal).

        1. I would highly recommend saving lots of room for dessert at les 400 coups. Their pastry chef is, IMHO , the best in the city!

          1. Here the desserts at 400 coups are fabulous.

            1. thank you for the suggestions! am leaning towards getting the duck in a can to take away and make at home, and am glad to know about the seafood specials. my concern was that i might see something interesting on the specials (like a seafood dish), order it, and then find out that they don't do 'that' dish well.

              yup, we're saving room @ 400 coups for dessert; i specifically picked it because my wife likes excellent desserts, and she wouldn't eat some of the good dishes @apdc...

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                "and then find out that they don't do 'that' dish well."

                Well, that's the risk at every restaurant that prepare "daily specials".

                I find that at APdC, that the day's specials are better than the regular menu.

              2. thanks for the tips.

                went to apdc (with a slightly upset stomach) and had to keep it lighter. had the foie gras appetizers (amazing), crab app (just crab, but the mayo sauce was ok), and duck breast which was real good. wife had the tomato tart and a halibut special which had tons of cheese around it. given my stomach, wouldn't have been good tempting fate with heavier/more dishes. didn't even get the duck in a can to bring home...

                oh, apdc had some other specials - one was a shrimp special, i think those were the three fish specials.

                we stopped at chocolates by chloe which is next door - amazing chocolates, and a very friendly woman.

                400 coups - i had the lobster appetizer (with sabyon cider - some mayonnaise kind of dish -, celery, and 'crispy chicken skin' which was very fine), scallop main and a dessert dish with a strawberry sorbet accompanied by several ingredients, all quite good exc. the lime included with it. wife had a salad with dried salmon, halibut (she liked this much better because it was lighter) and the chocolate pot dessert. she thought the desserts were outstanding.

                unfortunately, couldn't hit anywhere on the way out of town because of pouring a.m. rains and the bike race.

                anyhow, thanks for the pointers!

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                  appreciate the feedback, yes the bike races that weekend create havoc in city and this time they touched down around old montreal so you did well to get to restos, I avoid heading to city centre at that time. Its always helpful to know about the hits and misses on visits to restaurants.