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May 14, 2013 05:05 PM

Release Notes for May 14, 2013 - New Layout on Mobile Discussion Pages

New in today's release: new formatting for mobile discussion pages. Changes you will notice include:

1) User avatars added to all posts of the discussion.

2) Changes to font and spacing of titles and text.

3) Gallery of all photos from the discussion appears at the top of the discussion.

4) If you click on a photo anywhere on the discussion, you'll be brought into a full-screen view. You can also press a thumbnail view to see all the photos from that discussion.

5) Improvements to the Flagging process on mobile, making it easier to click and report problem posts. If you flag a post as vulgar, spam, or off topic, the feedback will be sent immediately to our moderation team. Flagging a post as "other" will give you the ability to add a comment and explain why you are flagging.

We've tested these new features on a number of mobile devices, but since there are so many products on the market, there may be bugs on certain devices that we're unaware of. If you notice bugs with this release, feel free to report them here, and provide as much detail as possible about what kind of device and browser you are using.

Thanks very much!
Dave MP

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  1. Responding from iPhone 5 perspective.

    1) Love it! Thank you. Was vehemently against avatars when they were first introduced and now I see I've come to rely on them. Very helpful.

    2) Wouldn't have noticed it and still not sure I recognize it now that it's been pointed out.

    3) Seems like it should be a good idea, but I get lost once I tap on a photo. Hard to know just which post it's associated with and then I begin to get lost in, I think, more photos from the same poster. How do I get back to the original post? Jury is out as to whether or not I just have to figure out how to make this work for me or whether it's an inelegant solution to a minor problem.

    4) Okay. Now that makes sense to me. But doesn't that obviate #3? Seeing all photos in a discussion was never available in the non-mobile format and wasn't something that was missed, was it? Confused why we have it now and what #3 adds that isn't provided for by #4.

    5) I never flag from mobile so not sure just what the change is here. Sounds intuitive enough, though.

    1. On the mobile platform, it would be nice if clicking on a previously visited thread, you would jump automatically to the first, unread post.

      As of now, it simply opens up to the OP and you to have scroll down to find the newest post.

      Can this looked into in the next release update?

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Thanks for this feedback. I'm not sure whether or not we will decide to do this, but we can definitely look into it a bit more.

      2. Thanks!

        Having photos pop up to the top is a good way to remind people to post photos.

        On the iPhone, at least, between the "Home>Chowhound>" and the title of the post, there's an abbreviated version of the title of the post followed by "...". Is that intentional, and if so, what purpose does this serve? It's redundant information that disappears when you scroll down anyway.

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        1. re: hyperbowler

          Thanks for this feedback, hyperbowler. We'll look into this, since I agree that it's somewhat redundant.

        2. Really liking how the photo gallery looks on iPhone and how easy it is to scan the gallery, select from thumbnails, etc. This thread with photos from Cynsa makes a nice test drive.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Glad it's working out. Thanks for the feedback! And that's a great discussion to check out for photos

          2. No biggee but I have to ask why seeing posed pics at the top is a desirable thing. They can often be only periferally related to the main subject, especially when the discussion drifts.

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            1. re: Midlife

              It's true that sometimes the discussion drifts so much that photos might not all be exactly related. But I've found for the most part, discussions have a narrow enough theme to keep the gallery of photos pretty relevant. Seeing photos at the top of the discussions can give readers a quick sense of the types of foods/topics discussed below.

              1. re: Dave MP

                I really do get that today's social media is all about aggregating content and creating a more interesting and inviting user experience. This just seems that it can be out of place since, depending on the subject matter, many of the pics people post can be off the main topic. Just my 2¢...................... but this change seems more like something that came out of a marketing meeting at CNET or CBS than a practical, useful enhancement.

                In my own example, I posted a picture of a classic sports car I owned in a topic about the loss of a well regarded hound. I posted it as something of an homage to his photography of similar cars. So here's a very long topic, almost totally a eulogy to this wonderful man, topped by a photo of a car. You'd really have to have read the entire topic, or know his work, to get the relevance. Just sayin' I think it can actually detract from the topic.