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May 14, 2013 04:36 PM

Mackerel at Diana's...delish

My wife picked up 4 mackerel at Diana's today. Think it's the Atlantic variety (if any of you watch the River Cottage's that kind). They were fresh, not frozen. Seasoned with S&P and olive oil and grilled over charcoal. Possibly the best cooked fish I've ever had. The meat was actually sweet. I made a sorrel sauce and it was not necessary.

$3.99/lb, worked out to $9 for the two of us (and kids ate a few bites). Two fish was a bit much, but I ate it all.

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  1. I love fresh grilled mackerel. It's also good salt brined and served with soy/wasabi.

    That's also a very fair price.

    I'm guessing it was Atlantic. Waters off Boston have been very productive this season so far.


      1. re: szw

        Yes. They gutted (didn't do a great job on that).

        1. re: grandgourmand

          Pre-gutted or did you take it to the window just before the exit?

            1. re: grandgourmand

              Bummer. I guess the pros at the window need to practice their gutting. (shiver)

      2. Turns out they don't regularly stock fresh mackerel, only previously frozen. I was going to stock up and smoke a bunch, but had to use whitefish instead.

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        1. re: grandgourmand

          How much did you pay a lb? What was it like ? What di d it smell like?

          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            I assume you're asking about the whitefish? It was fresh, whole for $5.99/lb. It smelled like nothing, really. Which is good when it comes to fish.

            The brine I made could have been a bit saltier, but smoked it tastes really good. I would have preferred mackerel, though.

            1. re: grandgourmand

              $5.99 a lb is expensive. Whitefish that is fresh smells a bit like cucumber.

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                Diana's is not a bargain basement, but they have earned trust that is not easily found with seafood.

                1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                  that's not expensive for fish, at least i don't think so. it's not like i'm buying it dockside.

                  anyhow, cucumber odor isn't an assertive one and "a bit like" even less so. so if i spent time with this fish appreciating it's bouquet, then cucumber might be one of the smells that comes to mind. but it could also be jicama.

                  1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                    VVM, Diana's is a wee on the pricey side. In addition to paying for top quality and freshness, you're paying for the security of knowing your purchase will wow out at the dinner table. Totally worth it if you don't want to hunt and peck seafood.