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May 14, 2013 04:17 PM

Anyone tried "Eat Well Enjoy Life' Hummus products?

They had them on sale at my local store, so I got one each of Edamame, Yellow Lentil and White Bean versions. All came with a topping of pignolia, roasted red pepper and olive oil. I am in love! Went back a couple of days later to stock up and there was none to be found. Am I dreaming or what?

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  1. I bought the yellow lentil (which has a topping of minced dried apricots and sunflower seeds...which I didn't detect) and it was quite a bit spicier than I expected, a definite chile burn. Don't think I'd enjoy eating it every day (as opposed to Sabra, which my husband hoovers up).

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      My husband definitely preferred the edamame over the over two. I am excited to see that it is in the current BJs flyer, in case my regular store only carried it for the one week. Now they are advertising the heck out of Sabra again, bet there was some kind of power struggle there! I actually like my own home made over Sabra though. But we love spicy, so that could be why my husband gobbled it up so quickly.