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May 14, 2013 03:32 PM

Best barbacoa?

I've been on a barbacoa kick lately and wanted to get some recommendations.

I just had the barbacoa plate from El Nuevo Mexico Restaurant at the southwest corner do Anderson Lane and 183 and they were fantastic. The tacos were not too greasy or bland. The beef was tender and served on homemade corn tortillas with the standard onion and cilantro. Good stuff.

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  1. I love the beef barbacoa at El Taco Rico, but who doesn't.

    I also love the Taco Chivo - goat barbacoa at La Fruta Feliz

    1. bumping an old thread. found a place at william canon and congress called vallarta. really nice 'coa and much closer to me then ETR so I'll be a frequent guest. they have homemade corn tortillas as well.

      1. Amaya's has great barbacoa

        1. La Michoacana grocery stores have it on Saturdays and Sundays in the meat market by the pound. I believe they also have it at the deli counter all week along. Carnitas are pretty good there too.

          1. found another one... taqueria del charro in san marcos. excellent 'coa (not to mention carnitas and al pastor) and homemade flour tortillas.