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May 14, 2013 03:12 PM

Place to Eat between Boston and Amherst?

We arrive into Boston at 7:30 pm Thursday evening (we will be on west coast time) and are driving to Amherst. We'd like to have dinner somewhere in between. We love fresh local food and have 1 vegetarian in the group. Any suggestions?

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  1. Wow, way too many options to even begin. How about an idea of how long you are thinking of driving away from the airport before you need to stop, which would narrow it down to a location. And what route are you taking to Amherst? Mass Pike to Rt 93 or the slow rolling hills of Route 9 most of the way?

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      If they go the slow rolling hills of Rt. 9, I'd say stop at Harry's in Westboro for fried clams, lobster roll, grilled cheese, whatever diner food you're in the mood for. I assume they're going the Mass Pike tho and I'm not sure which places are a quick on/off the pike for food.

    2. Armsby Abbey. Main St in Worcester. No question.