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May 14, 2013 02:51 PM

Cape Cod /Boston Chowhound Heading to Austin this Weekend

I am heading to Austin for two nights and seek a killer food truck experience and a great dining spot. I don't eat meat. Anything goes, casual preferred/jeans and moderately priced. Thanks!!! Prefer fun and funky!!!

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  1. You'll be ok in your jeans almost everywhere in Austin.

    Hit Uchi when they open and enjoy the Sake Social (Happy Hour). Hama Chili, Machi Cure, Escolar, Crunchy Tuna roll. It is a great way to experience Uchi at a lesser price. Get there 15 minutes before they open and request seating at the sushi bar.

    1. Austin has tons of food trucks in various areas of town. Will you have a car? Any particular type of food?
      Barley Swine gets lots of love from Austin Chowhounds.
      Peached Tortilla is good too.

      1. I love Barley Swine, but if you don't eat meat, don't go will be limited.

        1. You don't eat meat you may want to go Asian. I'm a Spin Modern Thai fan but I appear to be in the minority here. Yelp agree with me though. Sway might be an option too. Peached Tortilla was good when they had the Yume side of the truck going but they don't. You want a slam dunk go to Uchi/Uchiko during their happy hour. I just wen to Hole in The Wall and ate at East Side Kings and had the best ramen noodles I've ever had. It used to be a food truck so that counts.
          If you love pizza Backspace is apparently very well regarded for it's pizza but I can't vouch for it. Do you have any parameters regarding location? How meatless are we talking here? Chicken okay?

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            Just went to backspace a few days ago - I can vouch for the mushroom and the brussel sprouts app, as well as the pizza. Apps are half price before 6:30 - wine is discounted as well. The pizza is cooked in a hot wood-fired oven. There's a nice char to the crust.

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              Backspace pizza is very good. High quality ingredients, awesome wood fired oven and great crust.

          2. It's casual/funky to the max, but I think you might enjoy sampling veggie/vegan options at the East SIde Kings locations along E. 6th (Shangri La, Liberty Bar, and The Grackle). They're within a few blocks of each other. I can heartily recommend the brussels sprouts and beet home fries at the Liberty and the grilled romaine at the Grackle. Menus here:

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              wasn't able to access the latest recs as I did not take my laptop..had a car but was with friends who drove. Hula Hut, blah...Chuys was pretty good..Hodaddy's was packed so went next door to Guero's for pretty ok food..nothing wow...I did want to go to a food truck but next time...missed out on Frozen Custard too. Had lovely margaritas at Dolce Vita in Highland Park...

              Everyone dresses so shorts and ts...Lines everywhere..and the heat, phew...

              A cool vibe city..

              1. re: phelana

                The best way to enjoy Austin is to live here from late Sept. to mid June. Go to Barton Springs a couple of times, and then get out of town. Yes, it is hot, but the hot only lasts for four long, grueling months!

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                  started to go to Barton Springs but saw the masses heading in, the lines and thought, we walked around 6th St. in the blazing heat so I could snap some cool day time photos....very cool place. Went to a glass studio in a little mall at the end of 6th ..there was a brewery next door. Fun town...