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May 14, 2013 01:54 PM

Does Cooking Wreck Your House?

I cook a lot. I bake a lot. I have also lived in the same house for 25+ years. It is an ongoing struggle to try to keep kitchen cabinets, floor, countertop, etc. clean from floating grease from frying/sauteeing, etc. It becomes glue-like and it drives me nuts. Don't get me started on the plumbing, curtains and blinds, carpet, and even the air ducts. S/he who cooks causes damage to the house, some of which is costly to have/get cleaned. Anyone else frustrated by this?

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  1. When I moved into my house a little over a decade ago, I was dazzled by how immaculate the house seemed, aside from a few scuff marks in the maple floors. I was aware that the previous owners never used the kitchen except to put out prepared foods they'd purchased. That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. I thought nothing of it and settled right in. I don't bake much, but I do cook up a storm on my gas stove. The hood fan, microwave door above it and all the upper cupboard doors (and even the shelves inside those directly above the stove) get very sticky from steam that often rises from pots and pans. It's so tough to get these surfaces clean. I have very high ceilings and there is a second set of cupboards above the first that I can barely reach, even if standing on the counters (I know, yuck!). I have a cleaning person that comes every other week and often spends quite a bit of time working on those cupboards.

    If and when we ever move to a different home, I would renovate to ensure that the range or cooktop is in a center island, rather than below cupboards and a microwave. This was ill-conceived, but then again, the home builders were those same non-cooks. What did they know?

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      I have found a *miracle* product that is beyond compare when it comes to removing grease and *gunk* from just about any type of surface. It is Lysol's antibacterial kitchen cleaner. I can't live without it and buy three at a time so I'm never out.

    2. Somewhat. But I also give the kitchen a good wipe down with 409 every night after I'm done cooking and the dishes are in the dishwasher. I also do very little frying, so maybe that helps too. I also run the vacuum/swiffer pretty often because I have a dog that sheds. Thankfully most of my downstairs is hardwood or vinyl. The only room that isn't is the dining room (stupid). No windows in the kitchen, so that's good too. The only thing that drives me nuts is knowing that the cracks between my range and the cabinets are nasty nasty. I need to pull the stove out at some point and clean it... ick.

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        That gives me nightmares. I'm (hopefully) moving next month, and I'm seriously dreading pulling out that oven to clean.

      2. Yes, my wife.
        She complains that she can't get/keep the main kitchen clean. Especially that the counters won't shine.

        That said, the kitchen is being torn out this year, the space having another 200 square feet added, and the new kitchen has been sitting in the garage for 8 months.

        But she is already stressing about painted cabinet surfaces in the new kitchen (currently have a gloss mica) and that they will get greasy/filthy.

        We have hardwood floors, and Hollowa House Quick Shine takes care of this.

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        1. re: bagelman01

          can't recommend quartz countertops enough.
          changed my life.
          should have installed them years ago

        2. Making frequent use of my range hood that vents out helps a lot. I have a spatter screen that I use over the skillets when the grease is popping all over.
          The top of the fridge and the top edge of the microhood get kind of dusty and greasy, but that takes a while.
          We have a ceiling fan in the kitchen, and 13 ft ceilings, so maybe the air movement helps keep the grease from settling on the cabinets.

          1. Thankfully, no. My stove is in an island and I also don't do much frying. Truth be told, I would love to fry more but the mess is what deters me. I have tile floors which clean pretty easily and I have someone that comes and does a deep house cleaning every two weeks so I know that my kitchen gets too dirty.