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May 14, 2013 01:53 PM

Mozza - any street pkg nearby?

Trying to avoid the exorbitant valet fee.

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  1. There is the #10/48 bus which goes down Melrose and the 312/212 which is nearby on La Brea. $1.50 for the line, $5 for a day pass.

    Metro Transit Planner:

    1. yes -but I can't tell you where unless you promise not to go when I do

      1. There is street parking on Melrose west of Highland, and on Highland north of Melrose, subject to rush hour prohibitions.

        1. i usually find parking on melrose right before the residential area, or on highland near trois mec. if u don't mind the walk there's usually parking further up/down as well.

          1. Almost any time of day, it's going to be pretty limited. Almost all side-streets off Melrose in that neck of the woods are permit/zone parking after dark, except for the first two parking spots right off Melrose. On Melrose itself, once the rush-hour no-stop zones are done, parking is still at a premium, since, among other things, the valets you just paid to park your car will use those spaces if they're there.