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May 14, 2013 01:50 PM

Legit tortas + even more boba in the Inner Richmond [SF]

Le Ciudad de Mexico, 200 6th Ave (x California)
This place really fills a gap in the land of steam tables + stir-fries. My two favorite torta places in SF were Tortas Los Picudos (for sloppy, half-for-later hangover revivers) and Torta Gorda (for perfectly sized lunch in a retro soda shop atmosphere). At the new torta shop in the Inner Richmond, my sandwich was as good as both of those, and resembled Gorda in style. I got my favorite, egg + chorizo, available in small or large. Small is Gorda sized. They also have breakfast burritos; I have the tocino breakfast burrito in my sightline.

Fifty Fifty, 3157 Geary (x Spruce
)One of two new boba cafes along Geary. Ritual Beans, Devil's Teeth baked goods, a smattering of tables + chairs for laptop zombies, and boba. This isn't a full-service bubble tea place, so choices are limited to five milk teas: matcha, jasmine, chai, honey-coconut + salted caramel. I prefer my tea unsweet, so didn't go for the last two and chose jasmine. Tea tasted much higher quality than a typical boba place (wasn't clear about the tea brand). Tapioca was an extra $0.25; unevenly chewy texture. Real milk from Clover, I think she used skim, so flowery quality of the jasmine was featured and not weighed down by either a front-and-center creamer/powdered dairy or sugar. It was perfectly unsweet without any prompting.

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      1. re: Cynsa

        Or that short-lived vegan momo place?

      2. I read somewhere that the owner was a manager at Torta Gorda which could explain the similarities. I liked the tortas better at your top choices but Ciudad seems pretty great for this hood. Love that you can get a smaller torta too. Don't forget to add lettuce etc if you want it. I missed that on the menu. Also, corn smut, yay! Al pastor was pretty decent on a taco, chorizo a bit greasy. Just three wee tables on the sidewalk so best to take it to go and maybe eat in the park. We sat outside on a sunny but blustery day this week. I'd go with Mandalay for a sitdown meal near here, personally.

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        1. re: grayelf

          I'd go for the chorizo & egg brekkie sando if they were open earlier than 9:30 am.

          1. re: Cynsa

            Breakfast Sandwich of chorizo and egg, with mayo, choice of cheese: queso fresco, $4.25 + avocado $1
            ... just opening at 10 am
            Lovely soft bun, egg soft-fried and tender, chorizo gave its kick and the queso fresco, freshness... with creamy avocado and my late morning snack hit the right spot.