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May 14, 2013 01:43 PM

budget & gluten-free

A friend and I are spending a week around Seattle and Portland this summer. (Probably 3 days in Seattle, 2 in Portland, and 2 somewhere near the beach or the Willamette Valley). I've done a bunch of research, but I'm having trouble narrowing down meal options. I'd love any input.

The biggest restrictions are:
-I can't eat gluten, but I don't require a separate gluten-free kitchen. Trace amounts of wheat don't bother me very much.
-We're on a budget. I'd like to spend less than $20 each at lunch and less than $40 each at dinner. Exceptions can be made for a few truly amazing meals, and alternately I hope some meals will cost even less than this.

Besides these restrictions, we're pretty open. I love seafood -- are there any oyster bars with happy hour specials? I also love Japanese, Mexican, middle eastern / mediterranean... pretty much any ethnic food.

Thanks for any ideas.

(cross-posted to Seattle)

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  1. Ran across this web site while trying to research your request:

    You can search by area within Portland, so it might be helpful for you to nail down where you are staying then searching in that general area. THEN let us know what looks good to you and we can let you know how the restaurants are.

    A lot of what is listed happens to be bakeries, but there are definitely some restaurants listed as well.

    I did quickly notice that Mi Mero Mole is on the list and it gets good reviews in general, although I have not been there yet.