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May 14, 2013 01:43 PM

budget gluten-free dining?

A friend and I are spending a week around Seattle and Portland this summer. (Probably 3 days in Seattle, 2 in Portland, and 2 somewhere near the beach or the Willamette Valley). I've done a bunch of research, but I'm having trouble narrowing down meal options. I'd love any input.

The biggest restrictions are:
-I can't eat gluten, but I don't require a separate gluten-free kitchen. Trace amounts of wheat don't bother me very much.
-We're on a budget. I'd like to spend less than $20 each at lunch and less than $40 each at dinner. Exceptions can be made for a few truly amazing meals, and alternately I hope some meals will cost even less than this.

Besides these restrictions, we're pretty open. I love seafood -- are there any oyster bars with happy hour specials? I also love Japanese, Mexican, middle eastern / mediterranean... pretty much any ethnic food.

Thanks for any ideas.

(cross-posted to Portland)

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  1. I'm GF, and I like:
    - St Dames
    - Portage Bay Cafe (long waits during peak times)
    - Razzi's on Greenwood Ave. has a lunch special. Their GF food is really expensive, but the GF breads/pizza are good.
    - I like the soups and juices at Chaco Canyon.

    Here is a list of coffee shops that serve d.floured GF baked goods. Soooo good.

    You can get more detailed advice if you temporarily join some of the GF groups and read their discussion boards and comments in past meetups. I like "Sensitive in Seattle".

    Many Seattle restaurants offer GF options. If you don't need a separate kitchen, you should do fine at most places.

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      This is fantastic - thanks for the advice!

    2. Hit Elliott's for oyster happy hour. Plan to be there by 2:45 at the latest because it does fill up in the summertime. $9/doz from 3-4, $15/doz from 4-5. Don't bother with any other food but oysters there.

      Terra Plata is pretty great and has tons of GF items. I could eat their steak salad for lunch every day.

      1. For happy hour oysters try Walrus and the Carpenter (Ballard) where oysters are varying prices but S-Th all selections are 50% off from 4-5p and 25% off from 5-6.

        Elliott's (Waterfront) has a three hour progressive happy hour in the lounge (3-6pm M-F). It is a chef's selection not all oysters but at 3pm the special is $.75. This goes to $1.25 at 4pm and $1.75 at 5pm.

        Anchovies and Olives (Capitol Hill) has an oyster power hour S-Th 5-6 and 10-close. The selected daily oyster is $1.

        Flying Fish (South Lake Union) runs a special but only from October to April. Their happy hour menu may still be worth checking out though. It is considered a favorite around town.

        Taylor Shellfish (Capitol Hill) has discounted oysters from 2-4pm M-F. .

        The Brooklyn (downtown) has a $1.50 oyster selection during happy hour.

        1. Oh yeah. You have to get to the Fremont neighborhood to check out The Flying Apron. It is a gluten free bakery unlike any I have seen elsewhere. I am not gluten intolerant but have a good friend who is and in our experience trying places with her in various cities there are few if any places that come close to matching what Flying Apron does.