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May 14, 2013 01:43 PM

budget gluten-free dining?

A friend and I are spending a week around Seattle and Portland this summer. (Probably 3 days in Seattle, 2 in Portland, and 2 somewhere near the beach or the Willamette Valley). I've done a bunch of research, but I'm having trouble narrowing down meal options. I'd love any input.

The biggest restrictions are:
-I can't eat gluten, but I don't require a separate gluten-free kitchen. Trace amounts of wheat don't bother me very much.
-We're on a budget. I'd like to spend less than $20 each at lunch and less than $40 each at dinner. Exceptions can be made for a few truly amazing meals, and alternately I hope some meals will cost even less than this.

Besides these restrictions, we're pretty open. I love seafood -- are there any oyster bars with happy hour specials? I also love Japanese, Mexican, middle eastern / mediterranean... pretty much any ethnic food.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. I'm GF, and I like:
    - St Dames
    - Portage Bay Cafe (long waits during peak times)
    - Razzi's on Greenwood Ave. has a lunch special. Their GF food is really expensive, but the GF breads/pizza are good.
    - I like the soups and juices at Chaco Canyon.

    Here is a list of coffee shops that serve d.floured GF baked goods. Soooo good. http://www.dfloured.com/find-us/

    You can get more detailed advice if you temporarily join some of the GF meetup.com groups and read their discussion boards and comments in past meetups. I like "Sensitive in Seattle". http://www.meetup.com/SensitiveInSeat...

    Many Seattle restaurants offer GF options. If you don't need a separate kitchen, you should do fine at most places.

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      This is fantastic - thanks for the advice!

    2. Hit Elliott's for oyster happy hour. Plan to be there by 2:45 at the latest because it does fill up in the summertime. $9/doz from 3-4, $15/doz from 4-5. Don't bother with any other food but oysters there.

      Terra Plata is pretty great and has tons of GF items. I could eat their steak salad for lunch every day.

      1. For happy hour oysters try Walrus and the Carpenter (Ballard) where oysters are varying prices but S-Th all selections are 50% off from 4-5p and 25% off from 5-6.

        Elliott's (Waterfront) has a three hour progressive happy hour in the lounge (3-6pm M-F). It is a chef's selection not all oysters but at 3pm the special is $.75. This goes to $1.25 at 4pm and $1.75 at 5pm.

        Anchovies and Olives (Capitol Hill) has an oyster power hour S-Th 5-6 and 10-close. The selected daily oyster is $1.

        Flying Fish (South Lake Union) runs a special but only from October to April. Their happy hour menu may still be worth checking out though. It is considered a favorite around town.

        Taylor Shellfish (Capitol Hill) has discounted oysters from 2-4pm M-F. .

        The Brooklyn (downtown) has a $1.50 oyster selection during happy hour.


        1. Oh yeah. You have to get to the Fremont neighborhood to check out The Flying Apron. It is a gluten free bakery unlike any I have seen elsewhere. I am not gluten intolerant but have a good friend who is and in our experience trying places with her in various cities there are few if any places that come close to matching what Flying Apron does.