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May 14, 2013 12:43 PM

Chicago Style Pizza- Family Friendly- Best Location?

I working on putting together a casual, family-friendly dinner for my relatives who will be in town the weekend of my wedding. I would like to take them somewhere “Chicago-esque” so I’m thinking either Giordanos or Lou Malnattis. I haven’t visited many of these restaurants, and I’m not sure which is best in terms of atmosphere, service, and accommodating large parties. Here are the specs:

-Reservation for 20-30 ppl
-Lots of kids under 8
-6:30 on a Thursday night
-Must be easily accessible by public transport (easy parking would be a nice bonus, but not necessary)
-I live in Lakeview, wedding is in Lincoln Park, and many guests are staying downtown/near north so would like to stick to those areas.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated!

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  1. Stick with Malnati's. There's one in Lincoln Park but it's pretty small. The one on Wells and Illinois can easily accommodate your party.

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      I too would go with Lou Malnati's, and their single-crust "pizza in the pan" style, over Giordano's and their double crust "stuffed pizza".

      Since your guests from out of town are staying downtown/near north, I would choose one convenient to them, rather than near where you live. The one on Wells is one possibility, as noted above. There's also a new one at State and Rush, which I haven't been to so I'm not sure how big it is, but I'm sure it can accommodate you as well. If there's a particular hotel where everyone's staying, you may want to choose whichever of the two is closer.