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May 14, 2013 12:33 PM

Saturday lunch near 95

We'll be driving from NYC to Providence in a couple of weeks on a Saturday -- would like great place for lunch not far from 95 and relatively easy to find (we can read maps).

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  1. At what point do you want to take a break and what kind of food are you looking for? Westfair fish & chips is a tiny place in Westport with great seafood, there are great options for famous new haven pizza as well, can think of tons of options so if you can narrow down parameters a bit, we can get you more relevant recs

    1. Try one of the three CT staples of lobster rolls, hot dogs, or apizza:

      Super Duper Weenie - Fairfield CT

      Lobster Landing - Clinton CT

      Zuppardi's Apizza - West Haven CT

      1. I'd hit up Noah's for a sit down lunch in the quaint seaside town of Stonington, CT. You're only 45 minutes out of Providence and it's only 10 minutes or so from 95. You can google for a menu and directions.

        1. If you like more high-end, fancy burger, etc., Cafe Routier in Westbrook is lovely, but no ocean view, etc.

          There's also Fresh Salt at Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook with beautiful views of the river as it connects to the Sound, but that is a bit of a drive off I-95 (worth it though).

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            Fresh Salt is only about 10 minutes off of 95. Nice views, good bar and first rate food.

            Mike's Deli, also in Old Saybrook, is also not far off of 95. They have great sandwiches. I especially recommend the prime rib sandwich. It's only available on Friday and Saturday. Fresh roasted medium rare....luscious....

            1. re: cheereeo

              Cafe Routier indeed has good food, but it is not open for lunch as the OP requested.

              Other lunch locations in Westbrook are Christi's restaurant (standard family fare), Turtle Cafe (a little more adventurous) , Lenny&Joes Fish Tale (mostly seafood), none with water view. Edd's place has a gazebo which looks over a salt marsh with possible views of Ospreys. They have been advertising lobster and lobster rolls recently.

              1. re: DonShirer

                Sorry about that Don. I had stopped there on a Saturday afternoon to pick up a gift certificate, and their were diners in the lounge. Must have been a private party.

            2. Olio's in Groton is right off of I-95 North. Going north, take the first exit after the Gold Star Bridge (exit 85). After you exit keep to the left for route 1 (NOT Bridge Street). At the traffic light take a right. Immediately turn into their driveway. VERY good food. Web site: