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May 14, 2013 11:15 AM

Orlando Bound for Conference

Looking for a restaurant to host a wine tasting dinner. I have contacted Roy's for starters - any help in regard to this type of client entertainment, without going to Disney, would be much appreciated

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  1. Orlando is pretty spread out. It might help if you limited this to which section of the city you want to host this event.

    1. Wine Tasting...try Vines Grille they have quite the nice wine selection out there on Restaurant Row (Sand Lake Road) ...the whole area has plenty of upscale restaurants with private rooms, I am sure you ll find something

      1. We are staying at the Hyatt Regency Cyprus, so Lake Buena Vista area but contract for transportation to/from our events. So anything within 30-45 minutes it doable.

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          how many are in your group? any other preferences? Roy's does have a nice private room

        2. We can be anywhere from 40 - 70 and won't really know until a month before. The big spread is one problem. So far Roy's hasn't called me back except to ask what my name was again.

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            Maggiano's in Pointe Orlando has a nice big private dining area I might want to try them.

            Can't think of too many others with that capacity right now though if you want it to be private.

          2. Are you bringing your own bottles?