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Any great food in Chandler?

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I know that there are many excellent restuarants in the Scottsdale area, but are there any in Chandler or near that area that are outstanding? I see that there are many good chains (Roy's, Flemmings, Kona Grill, etc.), but I really like local places better, if possible. How's the Asian food in this area? Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. Chou's Kitchen and China Magic Noodle Kitchen are your best bets for Chinese in Chandler.

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      Is Chou's Kitchen similar to Chef Chou that used to be at that location?

    2. Also look into the places below - admittedly I haven't tried them all but have heard good things

      Latitude 8 Thai
      Spices Mediterranean Grill
      Pitta Souvli

      There are many places - just depends on what you're looking for ...

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        Latitude 8 and Mikado are not very good.

        They are, for lack of a better term, "white people" Thai and Japanese, respectively.

        If you're dead set in getting sushi in/around Chandler better off going to the Lee Lee Plaza and trying Shimogamo.

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          Careful...I recommend using the terms "Americanized" or "not entirely authentic."

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            Shimogamo is actually on the opposite corner (kitty-korner) from Lee Lee Plaza.

            And while I agree that Latitude 8 isn't the most authentic of Thai restaurants, I always find the food to be tasty and the service friendly.

        2. Cyclo is my favorite in chandler, Vietnamese food in a mod setting.

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            Well, the setting at Cyclo maybe "moddish" or even psychedelic, but the food is not really Vietnamese.

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              Vietnamese influenced? In any case, I like the food there..

          2. Asian: China Magic Noodle Hut (get the beef stew with soup noodles and salt and pepper shrimp), Lee's Sandwiches (banh mi), Khai Hoan (for pho)

            I don't care for Chou's Kitchen, i thought everything tasted like salt, however most people will disagree with me on that point, many rate it highly

            Excellent: Cork - I wouldnt call it excellent but very solid and probably best fine dining in Chandler

              1. Pita Jungle is my favorite in the valley. It's a local chain; the food always seems so fresh and healthy - very affordable too.

                1. Pho Chandler 4055 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85248 is good too.

                  Sushi Room and Mikado Sushi - both of off Queen Creek

                  1. I was born and raised in Chandler. I moved to Nm 6 yrs ago, and all the replys are for new restaurants.

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                      Pita Jungle and Cyclo are over 10 years old.

                    2. Barrelhouse American Kitchen and Cocktails (NW corner Alma School and Warner). Excellent bistro dishes, good plates for sharing, craft beer on tap, and fantastic cocktails.