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May 14, 2013 10:20 AM

Wilson and Keele - HELP!!

Anything? Please?

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  1. Rustic Bakery at 318 Rustic Road, a couple of blocks south of Wilson off of Keele - 5 minute drive from the K & W intersection. Their bakery products are excellent - I've had a few of their cakes, canolli, cheeses, prosciutto, etc. Everything has always been good. Got a black forest cake for my Mom's birthday and it was the best we've ever had. They have a hot table in the back but I've never tried anything. They also have a little cafe and their cappuccinos are about $2.50. Strange location in a small strip mall smack dab in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. Parking out front can be a problem especially on the weekends.

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      There are a couple of Pho places right at Keele and Wilson.

    2. There's a Mr. Jerk at Keele and Lawrence.

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          I haven't tried it yet, but my friends like it. It has been recommended on the Board in the past. I think they're known for the jerk pork IIRC.

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            I like this place a lot. All jerk authenticity questions aside, they make good jerk pork & decent jerk chicken. Chinese-Jamaican owners.. They also have festivals, dumpings and all the other stuff. Takeout only.

        2. Churrasqueira Estrela for great smokey chicken. 2275 Keele, east side, south of Lawrence (hope that is not too far south for you). Warning: SLOWWWW counter service at peak hours.

          Right next door, Seara Bakery!

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            Thanks Magic! Will definitely check it out.

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              You bet!

              Just beware slow service! Nice service, but inattentive and disorganized, especially during peak hours.

              I think the chicken is worth it though, if you go in prepared for a wait.

          2. Great Pho place (Pho Mi Asia) in the East end of the Metro Plaza (North-East corner-Wilson & Keele)

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              Pho Mi Asia, mentioned above, is a good choice. As is a nearby pho joint I've been sampling lately. It's directly across the street from Pho Mi Asia, in a small plaza on the south side of Wilson Ave. just east of Keele St. Called Pho Hoa Binh. Little to choose between the two - mind, Pho Hoa Binh is less hectic. Similar prices. The above-mentioned Churrasqueira Estrela is mainly takeout, though it does do some basic (very basic) table service. Usually quite tasty.

              There's nothing fancy at Keele and Wilson - the neighbourhood couldn't support it.

            2. A little further west, but for banh mi, I like the Nguyen Huong store just past Jane on the south side of Wilson.