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Wilson and Keele - HELP!!

Anything? Please?

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  1. Rustic Bakery at 318 Rustic Road, a couple of blocks south of Wilson off of Keele - 5 minute drive from the K & W intersection. Their bakery products are excellent - I've had a few of their cakes, canolli, cheeses, prosciutto, etc. Everything has always been good. Got a black forest cake for my Mom's birthday and it was the best we've ever had. They have a hot table in the back but I've never tried anything. They also have a little cafe and their cappuccinos are about $2.50. Strange location in a small strip mall smack dab in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. Parking out front can be a problem especially on the weekends.

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      There are a couple of Pho places right at Keele and Wilson.

    2. There's a Mr. Jerk at Keele and Lawrence.

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          I haven't tried it yet, but my friends like it. It has been recommended on the Board in the past. I think they're known for the jerk pork IIRC.

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            I like this place a lot. All jerk authenticity questions aside, they make good jerk pork & decent jerk chicken. Chinese-Jamaican owners.. They also have festivals, dumpings and all the other stuff. Takeout only.

        2. Churrasqueira Estrela for great smokey chicken. 2275 Keele, east side, south of Lawrence (hope that is not too far south for you). Warning: SLOWWWW counter service at peak hours.

          Right next door, Seara Bakery!

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            Thanks Magic! Will definitely check it out.

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              You bet!

              Just beware slow service! Nice service, but inattentive and disorganized, especially during peak hours.

              I think the chicken is worth it though, if you go in prepared for a wait.

          2. Great Pho place (Pho Mi Asia) in the East end of the Metro Plaza (North-East corner-Wilson & Keele)

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              Pho Mi Asia, mentioned above, is a good choice. As is a nearby pho joint I've been sampling lately. It's directly across the street from Pho Mi Asia, in a small plaza on the south side of Wilson Ave. just east of Keele St. Called Pho Hoa Binh. Little to choose between the two - mind, Pho Hoa Binh is less hectic. Similar prices. The above-mentioned Churrasqueira Estrela is mainly takeout, though it does do some basic (very basic) table service. Usually quite tasty.

              There's nothing fancy at Keele and Wilson - the neighbourhood couldn't support it.

            2. A little further west, but for banh mi, I like the Nguyen Huong store just past Jane on the south side of Wilson.

              1. Not sure if it's still there (or even any good anymore...) but Mastro's Ristorante on Wilson Ave. (between Keele and Dufferin) used to make a heck of a delicious pizza pie...

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                    Well justxpete, it's been a couple of years. Actually, it's probably more like 5 or 6. I just saw lots of Pho recommendations and was grasping for something non-asian. That being said, I don't believe there's been any ownership change...

                    My go to for Pizza/Italian in that (general) area would be Camarra's (Lawrence & Dufferin)
                    Or if you're looking (really) casual, California Sandwiches on Sheppard/Chesswood?

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                      Also up near Sheppard & Chesswood is a pasta place that sells take-home pastas but also daily hot plate type specials, that I found pretty good. Pastaco, I think. They have a few small tables.

                      There's a hot dog/sausage place closer to the Allen that's good if you're into hot dogs. Big Franks, I want to say?

                      The Chinese BBQ place in the plaza on the Northwest corner of Keele & Sheppard is decent and cheap. It won't rock your world or anything, but it's competent enough, given the location and price. BBQ only, though -- avoid the crap in the hot table. Not eat in.

                      Most of my info on that area is about 2 years out of date, since that's how long ago I moved away, but these aren't the kinds of places I would expect to have changed a single item on their menu in the 2 years since I left.

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                        That Big Franks is long closed :(

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                          Oh, really? I'm super surprised by that! It seemed like such a stalwart location. The kind of thing that had been and would be there forever, especially since I got the impression that it was mostly just a tiny retail outlet for their production facility.

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                            I know, it had been there for years. Decades it seemed like. Kwinters before it became Big Franks.

                            It’s been closed for a couple of years(ish) I think.

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                        Commisso Bakery is another option for Italian sandwiches not too far from Keele and Wilson.http://www.commissobakery.com/

                        It's been a few years, so I'm not sure if it's still there, (and it looks like that block might now be zoned for a new condo development) but the won ton soup and spring roll were pretty good at the small Chinese restaurant in the strip mall on the west side of Keele between the 401 and Lawrence, same strip mall as Cataldi (http://www.cataldi.ca/html/home.php https://twitter.com/CATALDIFRESH BTW, Cataldi sells good veg plants at its garden centre each spring)

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                          Commisso Bakery is pretty nasty. Firstly, its not especially clean and in general the whole place is just run down. I had their hot table a couple of times - lasagne and gnocchi - both were very watery sub-par at best - mind you, they were only about $4 so I didn' lose out much. However, their cannolli are excellent.

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                            As far as hot table Italian sandwiches go, Commisso Bros is pretty good. I really like their veal and sausage. Good canoli too, yes.

                            Pasta or gnocci I'd likely never buy at a hot table.

                            Unfriendly staff. Always. Not much atmo for sitting and eating.

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                              I always thought the sandwiches at Commisso were pretty good for that type of sandwich. That being said, I like California Sandwiches, and would probably choose California over Commisso.

                              I also wouldn't order gnocchi at a hot table. My first taste of gnocchi were a bland gummy mess from the hot table of an Italian place that used to be in the food court of the Hudson Bay Centre at Yonge & Bloor. Thank goodness I gave gnocchi another chance after that!

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                            Commisso's sandwich doesn't compare to California, IMO, but late night it's a good option. I think they are open 24 hrs. I can remember some very late night eats there.

                            Just be careful who's car you lean on. LOL

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                            +1 Camarra's and California Sandwiches

                      3. I see a lot of Pho in my immediate future. Thanks all!

                        1. If you are in the mood for south american, you can try Emporio de los sandwiches on Wilson, East of Keele in one of those horrible little mini strip malls from the 60's/70's.

                          They make great sandwiches de miga, and I recommend the olympicos versions, which come more loaded than the traditional ham and cheese. The only thing is that they are a bit pricey. I used to pay about $10 a pack, but I think it is up to about $15 now.

                          They also make some half decent empanadas. And their dine restaurant is right next door. I was only ever there once, and it was ok...nothing memorable.

                          1. I must say that most of the places in this area have been covered here. I've eaten at most of them over the years, since this was my original 'hood'. Mastro's (Maestro's) used to serve stellar pizza waaayyyyy back in the day--60's. Commisso's was a place I'd stop for a late night sandwich on my was back from a night on the town. Once, my brother stopped in for a sandwich, and the windows had been blow out...some kind of feud. Still, it only happened once. California Sandwich is more to my liking, though.
                            Lately, I've been taking my mom for pho to several of the local spots. My favourites are Pho Mi Asia (Keele/Wilson) and Pho Con Bo (Jane/Wilson), but for the name alone, this place might be worth a try--Pho Hung Long. I must admit that I took a pic of the signage.

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                              There's actually an interesting/scary history of mob-related nonsense at Commisso Bros, including murder and bombings... all googlable for the curious. I never went back after one super-unfriendly sandwich transaction.

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                                In fairness, California at Sheppard/Chesswood had some issues (or at least one particular incident) as well (well documented in the press)

                                Love their sandwiches, though...

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                                I went to Pho Mi Asia yesterday. Quite good. Thanks for the reco, all!

                                I avoided PHL for the name!

                              3. Another thing to check out if you're in the area on weekends, rather than just on work days, is the Farmer's Market off Sheppard in Downsview Park. Not for the Market, which blows, but for the food court at the back of the building that features a revolving cast of fast food vendors of vary diverse ethnic backgrounds. They come and go with such regularity that I won't even try to recommend something specific since I have no idea what's even there anymore and even if I did they might be gone in a few weeks. But I've always enjoyed the experience of going there and checking out what's on offer -- often the food is quite good.