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May 14, 2013 10:12 AM

Last Minute Work Trip - Need Few Recs Near Piccadilly Circus [London]

I'm coming from NYC to London for 48 hours on a last second work trip, leaving tonight and staying near Piccadilly Circus.

My lunches are already planned around a conference, but I need a breakfast and a dinner. With my other dinner I'm planning to revisit Tayyabs which I thoroughly enjoyed last time I was in town, but would love to also try something new.

I'll eat any type of food, but I have 3 requirements: Within a 30 minute walk of the area, not too awkward for a solo diner, and can get out the door for under 50 pounds ideally.

Thank you!

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  1. I'd go to the Nordic Bakery, Nopi or the Wolseley for breakfast.

    What kind of thing do you like/want for supper - you are minutes from Soho, Covent Garden and Mayfair so lots of options!

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    1. re: abby d

      Thanks I'll check out those breakfast suggestions abby.

      Anything unique/new I'm open to whatever for dinner, modern/traditional, Indian, I don't really care if there's a scene or not, just nothing too formal so as to be awkward for dining alone.

      1. re: fishermb

        I wound up at Nordic Bakery this morning as I was in a bit of a rush and their cinnamon roll was absolutely delicious. I walked past Nopi also which looked quite good, I think I may try it tomorrow

        1. re: fishermb

          Nopi is very nice. Their courgette fritters are very tasty, but so is almost everything else.

    2. Princi is nearby and serves breakfast. Here's a description.

      Their baked goods are yummy.

      1. If you enjoyed the food at Tayyabs, maybe you ought to try Lahori Nihari:

        1. I was about to post nearly the identical request - I'm staying in Piccadilly Circus for 24 hours and need someplace close where I can eat solo on a Saturday night without feeling too weird about it. When I made this same stopover 2 years ago Chowhounders sent me to Bocca di Lupo on Archer Street, where I sat at the bar and had an excellent meal without too much fuss; I might go back there, but would love to try somewhere new...

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            1. re: zuriga1

              We recently ate there pre-theatre--disappointing.

              1. re: sundeck sue

                Good to know... I haven't eaten there but always heard such nice things. OK - off my list but what was wrong?

                1. re: zuriga1

                  It was a couple month's back, so I'm more or less hazy re details, only clear re over-all take-away (OK, not great; and there are other great places to choose in Central London).

                  The location was perfect for a pre-theatre bite (theatre 'round the corner and up a block), especially since it was a freezing cold and really gust-y day (almost got hit, en route to the restaurant, crossing Leicester Square, by a huge flying sign that came loose from its concrete mooring--that I recall quite vividly, with associations to Dorothy and her little dog, Toto!).

                  The service was spotty. I liked the draught beer I had (not remembering what, though my husband had some difficulty communicating w/ the server re his beer preferences--he likes German-style lagers; and they weren't getting that).

                  I started w/ a soup that wasn't quite hot enough and just all right re flavor (but what kind of soup? sigh). My husband had a prawn, crab, and chicory salad to start, which he liked fine, but when I had a taste, I found it lacking in seasoning/balance.

                  The fish part of my fish and chips entree was the best part of the dish and the meal over-all--nice piece of fish, well fried. Chips, definitely not so much. My husband again gave his pick--calves liver and bacon--better marks than I--I found the liver not well trimmed or cooked, bacon meh, etc.

                  Good of you to ask, since this more elaborated description (including my husband's more positive read) might not chase you away; and if others have enjoyed, it maybe merits another go.

                  1. re: sundeck sue

                    Thanks for the report. With so many wonderful places to eat in London, this one isn't high on my list but all opinions help.

            2. re: Asperges

              I didn't have a good experience at Bocca di Lupo last month(

              Nearby Soho should present quite a few good dining options:

              I've always been wanting to go back to Quo Vadis on Dean Street (I was last there in the mid-90s when Marco Pierre White first took over the restaurant). It's currently very well rated:

              1. re: klyeoh

                L'Escargot and Quo Vadis both look good to me. Which do you think would be more casual - that is, where would I stick out less as a solo female diner on a Saturday night?

                1. re: Asperges

                  They both emanate about the same vibe but, IMO, L'Escargot seemed to have the more "feminine" feel.

              2. re: Asperges

                You could always sit at the counter at Ittenbari on Brewer Street if you don't want anything too fancy and want some decent Shoyu ramen.


              3. For breakfast, try One Leicester Street (formerly St John's, the chef's still the same):