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May 14, 2013 10:12 AM

Rome - restaurants similar to SORPASSO?

Greetings...currently a few days into my first stay in Rome. We've had a couple of okay to good meals. But today's lunch at SORPASSO near the Vatican was by far our favorite meal thus far. A less traditional trattoria vibe but still simple good food. We are staying in Trastevere for a few more nights - recommendations for other restaurants nearby would be very welcome.

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    1. I really like Da Enzo, a very traditional, simple, trattoria.
      via dei Vascellari 29
      06 58 12 260

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        Thank you for the Da Enzo recommendation - we tried it last night and it was wonderful. Traditional and simple, yes. But the staff wasn't wearing the black pant/white shirt attire that most trattoria staff wear. Our waiter had jeans, tshirt and a do-rag. For me, that made it feel less intimidating.