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May 14, 2013 09:43 AM


Had the owner set up a special dinner for a group of 12, Outstanding in all respects, including some Southern Thai specialties dishes I am told you can only get at Emporium. Here are some notes.

Southern Thai Specialty Dishes:
-Morning Glory Salad
Lightly battered strands of watercress (aka “morning glory”) mixed with shrimp and perfect dressing of fish sauce, lime, and chili. This dish is a really a unique preparation and really good.
-Coco Mango Salad Shrimp & -Coco Mango Salad Tofu
Shredded raw mango mixed with dried coconut, fresh chili, and lime juice.
-Crying Tiger Beef and Pork
Thai-style char-grilled (beef and Pork). Marinated, grilled and served with homemade chili sauce. My favorite,
-Kua Kling with Shrimp
Southern curry.
-Spicy Mussels Soup
The New Zealand green lip mussels in a broth of lemongrass, dried chili, and basil - another hit.

We also had some special dishes that the chef prepared
-Seafood Hormok
-Thai Basil Chili Garlic Lamb
tender cuts of lamb sautéed with fresh garlic, black pepper and Thai herb. Could have this everytime.
-Crispy Honey Duck
Twice-cooked duck that is crispy in a dark honey glaze. Very good.

Vegetarian Dishes
-Tofu Satay & Chicken Satay
-Royal Tofu
firm tofu stir fried with fresh garlic, Thai basil and light soy sauce. Topped with steamed mixed vegetables.

-Pad Wonsen Shrimp
silver noodles pan-fried with green vegetable, onions, black mushrooms, bean sprouts, and scrambled eggs.

Lots of food, all of which was very well prepared. Great service too. Much better than any other options on the Westside and unique Southern Thai specialties..

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  1. The shrimp with southern curry and the coco mango salad with shrimp sounds great. Can you just order a couple of these southern thai specialities and have you been to Jitlada before, which supposedly or rather allegedly the interpretation of these dishes are from ?

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      You can order just a couple. I have not been to Jitlada, but I have had several conversations with the owner, Jon. It is the same family and the same dishes. I thik John's sisters also work at Emporium and the family is so nice and the food is so good that you cant help but want to see them suceed. I know based on my experience that John will go way out of his way to help design a special menu and to make sure everyone is well taken care of. Love to hear what you think of it. Got to be worth several f-bombs!!! :)

    2. Sounds wonderful. Per person food costs all in?

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        It was about $30 per person without wine. We brought our own.

      2. Impressive, especially for the area. Thanks for sharing Thor123.
        As a long time Jitlada lover I was fairly skeptical of the previous reports I read, but was happily surprised by a meal at ET last week. We just moved a few miles west (from West Hollywood) and are scouring the new catchment zone for finds. ET is a fine find indeed.

        1. I have had the southern thai dishes at Emporium and agree that you cant find anything like it on the westside. Thats a good thing. Cant wait to try some of the other selections. Sounds like quite a meal.

          1. I am a big fan...sounds fantastic!

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              please let us know what you think