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May 14, 2013 08:45 AM

Staying in Omaha , Day trip to Kansas City

Hello all,

Next week, I will be taking a trip for a week to Omaha to visit my girlfriend's family. I'm from and an seriously into food. This is my second time in Nebraska and did the Flatiron and Grey Plume my last time in town, among some other smaller spots.

This time I am really looking for some more kitschy and lower end specialties. So any advice would be much appreciated.

I'm also interested in a true Nebraska steakhouse. I like the looks of The Drover.

And we will be taking a day trip to catch a ballgame in Kansas City. I've never been and , of course, will be doing the obligatory BBQ thing. I have read about Oklahoma Joes and that is where I would go, but I know that I've got to get to Arthur Bryants because it's the institution. Does anyone have any other recs for maybe some road food along the way?

Anything else I must do in the MidWest?


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  1. Before replying at KC, is the game a day game or a night game. Are you staying over night and driving back the next day or there and back in one day?

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      Sunday day game. driving down to KC in the early AM, checking out the game, then a little sightseeing before heading back at night. Figure for a breakfast on the road, maybe some bbq before the game, then some drinks and a small bite before heading back.

    2. How fancy is Rye? Would it be doable straight from the game? Only looking for maybe a small bite and a drink. Also worth noting for this meal we may be meeting friends with a toddler

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        Rye is not fancy - I have not eaten there but have been inside. A little bit of a drive from the ballpark.

        Love the burnt ends at LC's. Best barbecue I have ever eaten.

      2. LC's for burnt ends. The best barbecue KC has to offer. Not too far from the K.

        1. OK Joe's gas station is fantastic and you can hit that up before the game and AB on the way home...been to both and both are great BBQ.

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          1. Thanks for all the recs! Just found out we will look to hit the plaza after the game so am now looking around there for non-chain drinks and food. I would be content with more bbq. Our anything else noteworthy not to far? Thanks!

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              If you want more BBQ, Jack's Stack is down on the Plaza. Decent bbq, and good drinks.

                1. re: wekick

                  The barbecue and the onion rings are good at Jack Stacks - I really like the beans, too. If you have non-'cue eaters with you, the trout at Jack Stack's is really good, too.

                  On Main, near the Plaza is Glace which has amazing artisan ice cream. Salted pretzel is excellent.

                  1. re: SFLisa

                    Glacé is some of the best ice cream ever.

              1. re: Gorp512

                If you're going to be on the Plaza you are going to be inundated with chain restaurants. One wonderful exception, the Plaza III, a truly great example of an old KC steakhouse. I'd stop in for a drink and a bite before heading back.