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May 14, 2013 07:57 AM

Changing baby in the seating area and then dumping your coffee on the floor....

Maybe this should be on the media thread but I just saw this and could not help but comment.

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  1. I imagine the cops had quite a laugh about that after the fact. Call us back when you have a real problem, over-priced coffee swillers!

    1. I'm sorry but I would be offended if you changed your baby in the food area where I'm eating or may be sitting at some time. Throwing down your coffee on the floor???? wow.

      1. Who takes a baby to a coffee shop at 10 o'clock at night?

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        1. re: MGZ

          The same people who change their diapers on the table and blame starbucks for the inconvenience and throw coffee on the floor.

        2. Wow, so many wrongs all the way around! Very disgusting on so many levels. It is too bad this sort of thing is not just a rare event anymore. I was witness to a similar event recently.

          Bad manners, lack of social skills, unsanitary practices, anger control issues, poor judgement, etc.
          ........and calling the cops on idiots is not a good idea unless they threaten you. It is all just too bad.

          1. Wow....what jerks. Not going to judge why they were out at 10:00 pm...who knows and it doesn't matter. What I don't understand is why they would change their kid in the Starbucks. I have been to a lot of Starbucks (don't judge me) and have visited many of their restrooms. In most cases, they are single rooms with a locked door and ample floor space, meaning a parent could throw some paper towels on the floor and easily change their kid. Not as comfortable as doing so on a changing table, but I am sure that if they take their kid anywhere they have had to improvise before. All parents do this from time to time. And it doesn't involve changing the kid in front of diners, shoppers, or whatever. And most certainly doesn't involve dumping hot coffee on the floor in a snit.

            Shame on them....what will they say when their kid does something similar because he doesn't like what they tell him???

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            1. re: jlhinwa

              I have a tendency to assume the best in people. Maybe the bathroom was unusable for some reason. Maybe their car was overfull and changing the child there wasn't an option. Maybe they made every effort to be discreet about changing the kid at a table. Maybe.

              But... dumping a coffee on the floor? Because you thought a barista was snickering at you? That's absolutely unacceptable and simply disgusting behavoir, in my opinion. Childish and rude.