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Bon Chon Lowell

Whats the deal with this place? Is it ever really going to open? Seems as if they gave up on it..

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  1. Just drove by. Walked up to the windows and they have much more paper on them so you can't really see in. There was an expired building permit that expired about two weeks ago in the window on display. There was also a newish looking black sign That was large and prominently displayed headlining the building signs that were already existing with view from the street. That looked new to me because the only thing I remember was a canvas sign tied with ropes to the bushes.

    Would love to see this place open!

    1. New sign on building today...

      1. I had emailed the company last week....they said in July.

        1. Brand-new doors are up with the hours now listed in them. Inside looks like it is almost finished but they are still working on it.

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              Westford St, by Drum Hill. Where it takes the sharp turn just after Drum Hill Ford.

            2. They just announced a grand opening of 8/15 (tomorrow!)

              1. Let us know if you need any help deciding what to order :)

                My favorites are 1/2 and 1/2 wings, the delicious sides that come with them, avocado salad, the simpler sushi rolls

                1. Went for dinner last night, husband and 17 yr old son and myself. First time for us, but not the last.
                  we ordered a half & half medium wings and drum sticks. Both were very good, the level of heat was just right for the 3 of us. I could of gone a little hotter, son would of liked a little less, husband thought it was just right. We all really liked the soy/garlic, a good foil to the heat. Pickled radish and slaw are included which was nice.
                  we also ordered Japchae which I've not had before so its hard to compare to anything else. But it was tasty and we ate it all while we waited for the chicken to arrive.

                  Overall it was pretty good, hit the spot for us, and have enough left over for lunch today. they packed up fresh sides for us in the doggy bag.
                  I am curious about the rest of the menu though, any recommendations?