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May 14, 2013 05:58 AM

Dining suggested needed

We will be in Philly for Memorial Day weekend and I'm looking for some advice/suggestions. We are staying at the Warwick Raddison in the Rittenhouse area. We are all in our 50's and like to have fun. But not into clubs, more into funky bars, gastropubs, neighborhood places, etc.

My sister and her husband are coming with us and they prefer "plain" food I guess you'd call it. Whereas my husband and I love a dining adventure. I figure that many restaurants offer a happy medium.

Also my husband and brother-in-law are beer guys. Philly has tons of great beer bars.

Last time we did this, we did wandered and noshed as we did. Oysters at Sansom Oyster House, mussels at Monks, Noddinghead to get something my sister would eat and she loved her sandwich. The second night there we ate at Khyber Pass pub which everyone really enjoyed.

On Saturday I was thinking of wandering the Italian market and South Street area. We've never ventured over to that part of town. Figure we could do a bit of trying this and that at every stop, and throwing in some sightseeing as we go.

I'd love to find a place similar to Khyber Pass with food for everyone and a great beer selection. We may just wind up going there on Sunday.

Also on Sunday afternoon was thinking of going to Morgan's Pier. Mainly because the location looks great. From there we'd wander down to old town area. This will also depend on weather. At the rate we are going, sitting at an outside bar may not happen at all this year. Other suggestions for outside dining and drinking, beer gardens, etc. would be appreciated.

Lastly looking for brunch suggestions in the Rittenhouse area. I was thinking of Parc. My sister loves biscuits so another place that has a more southern or down home type of brunch menu would be great.

I know this post is rambling all over the place, sorry for that. Just looking for ideas and any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Near Italian Market, maybe wander over to Royal Tavern. Same operators as Khyber Pass, and great creative pub food. I like the food a little better at Royal actually. However, while the beer list is no slouch, it's not nearly as good as Khyber. You could also hit up Percy Street BBQ on South St -- it's pretty good BBQ (though I havent eaten there in a while) and they claim to have the largest selection of canned beers in the world. Even if not true, they have a ton of beer options.

    Outdoor dining... Rittenhouse Tavern on Rittenhouse Square (across the street from Parc), could be good for brunch. There is also a beer garden behind Opa on the 1300 block of Sansom. For an excursion to a neighborhood a little farther out, sounds like you guys might like Frankford Hall, a large outdoor beer garden in the Fishtown neighborhood. From there you could do a pub/restaurant crawl through the Northern Liberties neighborhood just a couple blocks south (back towards downtown). Maybe hit Johnny Brenda's or Standard Tap for beers, both only serve local brews and have good pub food, and Standard Tap has a second-floor patio for outdoor dining. You could also hit Bar Ferdinand (tapas) for dinner, they have a lot of patio seating. I also really like Cantina Dos Segundos up there, but the outdoor dining is limited to handful of small tables on the sidewalk.

    And just a heads up at both Morgan's Pier and Royal Tavern you will probably be the oldest people in the place, perhaps by over a decade. Not a big deal though. Also if you do hit Morgan's Pier make sure to pop into the Race Street Pier park on your way there or back, it's a really nice little park that juts out into the river.

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      Great suggestions Barry.. I would add in the South Street section Brauhaus Schmitz for german beer/food, and just off of South Nomad Pizza.

      In Fishtown, Fette Sau is doing better bbq than Percy and would pair very well with going to Frankford Hall. And Johnny Brenda's is just across the street from Frankford Hall so the trio make a really nice excursion.

      One more place for outdoor relaxation is Memphis Taproom but its further afield than Frankford Hall.

      1. re: cwdonald

        Thank you so much, this was just the kind of advice I'm looking for.

        I do think we'll spend Saturday afternoon in the South Street area. Will definitely check out Royal Tavern and Percy Street. I'll have to do some research to see what other places are in the area. From what I've read seems like a lot of pretty good restaurant and bars in that general area.

        Also have never been to Fishtown. Is this the same thing as Northern Liberties? Is it walkable from there down to Morgan's Pier? Again I'll have to take a look at the various bars and restaurants and a map to see where they all are in relation to each other.

        I've wanted to go to Standard Tap for a while as I hear that was pretty good, and Frankford Hall sounds like just the kind of place we'd like.

        Off to do more research and keep the suggestions coming.

        Thank you,

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          We do love Memphis Taproom, Kraftwork and Standard Tap but if you're here for just a weekend I'd think you can have a full plate around Center City, Italian Market, etc. We're in our 50's and liked Morgan's Pier. We talked about bringing our boat up there for a week or so sometime. It will be a hike from anywhere but you can always stop at Eulogy or Khbyer to "rest" a spell. Around South, Bistrot La Minette is very good as is Nomad Pizza, off 6th and 7th respectively.

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            Fishtown is one neighborhood over from Northern Liberties. Frankford Hall, Johnny Brenda's, and Fette Sau are just a couple blocks from The Piazza at Schmidt's, which is the main landmark of Northern Liberties.

            You can walk from Northern Liberties/Fishtown to Morgan's Pier. Not short but not too long. Not a very scenic walk though.

      2. From the owners of the Memphis Taproom is a new bar called Strangeloves in the heart of the city if you don't feel like venturing out to the MT. I'm also a huge fan of the South Philly Tap Room if you're down in that area.

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          Another suggestion is Hawthornes Cafe which is at 11th and Fitzwater. Crowd is a little older and they have a huge array of beers.Not sure if this would be an issue for you but they close by 11PM on Saturday. That said, you can't go wrong with their offereings.