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May 14, 2013 02:57 AM

1 Dinner in Manchester, near RNCM

I'll be in Manchester for 1 night in July, going to a show at the Royal Northern College of Music. I'm looking for a casual but good place to have an early dinner before the show, preferably within walking distance of the venue (we're staying at a hotel about 10 minutes north (walking) from RNCM.) Type of cuisine doesn't matter much. Any help appreciated!

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    1. re: johnlevon

      Zouk is near to the venue and I like it there, in spite of its claim to be "authentic" south asian and then have lobster thermidor on the menu, which sort of undermines the claim a tad.

      Another possibility might be Tai Pan, on Upper Brook Street which is a decent enough, if not stellar, Cantonese.

      Others - perhaps near to your hotel (which I'm guessing may be the Holiday Inn Express on Oxford or the IBIS on Princess Street) - would be Middle Kingdom (Sichuan) or EastzEast (Punjabi and actually in the IBIS building).

      In that part of town, you're a bit snookered if you were wanting British/Euro style food.

      1. re: Harters

        Oh, I like the sound of Middle Kingdom. It's hard to find good Sichuan food in Amsterdam.

        1. re: Klary

          This is what we thought of it when we went in April last year

          And it may well be that it's hard to find Sichuan in Amsterdam but I bet it's a bloody sight easier than finding a rijsttafel in Manchester :-)

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      1. Well we ended up at Zouk after all, and it was a good choice. My husband who loves offal was very happy with his chicken liver starter, and a main of minced lamb and lamb kidneys. I had a chicken dish (sorry the name escapes me) of shredded chicken breast in a mildly spicy sauce with lentils and cracked wheat. All in all a very nice, early dinner before seeing the fabulous Patty Griffin at RNCM!
        I was glad I asked here for advice, because I doubt we would have found something suitable in that neighborhood, by ourselves :)