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May 14, 2013 01:26 AM

Hong Kong 8 days

There is plenty of discussions abound in this forum .....

I have booked for caprice

Hope to goto Sushi Ta-ke

I have also booked a couple of foot tours which are food focussed as well ..

I hope to catch a sichuan place (any recommendations ?)

Whats the word on Honk Kong motorino ? Beyond a note in serious eats I cannot find any note in Blogosphere ..

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  1. For Sichuan food, I recently had dinner at San Xi Lou, and was very satisfied with the quality of ingredients and cooking. Good wine list, too. It's near the Botanical Gardens, and a bit pedestrian inaccessible, so I would recommend taking a cab. My food reviews are here:, and their website is here:

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    1. Re: Motorino, it gets good reports in th locl media and is pretty busy with 30 a minute wait at lunch time. However, we were underwhelmed and won't be returning.

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      1. For a cha cheng my current plan is to Hokkaido Dairy company ..I understand this is going to draw a lot of ire .. But its going to be my first time and I hear the place is a little less hustling ...

        1. I hear a lot about above and beyond and ming court ....I am unable to decide

          Which would be a good introductory experience .. ?

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            This past March Above and Beyond was better in my opinion

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              Agree! But read a bad review about Above & Beyond recently. Hopefully, they'll take action and change since the staff follows Chowhound!!

          2. Hello Charles,

            For Sichuan I recommend you San Xi Lou. This place is a fixture in my HK rotation. It's located in the Coda Building next to the YWCA. Good variety, portions and prices. Their small plates are great for sharing and for exploring different flavors. Let us know your experience.