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May 13, 2013 11:07 PM

AWE SNAP! My parents are coming to SM (The best ___ will help)

It's a southern thing - a farm chownder, harvesting & preparing my wild fish, fowl and game. We barter crappie for fresh our dumplins' flat, our ribs dry and slaw on our Q. Bread is from scratch, unless is wonder bread for soppin' ~ and gravy is served on the side...every meal...soooooo,

My maw & paw (age: mid 70's) are coming to Santa Monica for 7 days, They Do Not Drink & budget is not a big deal, although they are not the beverly hillbilly's.

Casual is key and good food a must. Atmosphere need not be too loud. Breakfast is early and lunch and supper. I live in Topanga Canyon and work in SM, so I'm familiar, but thought we'd have some fun with this & I'm taking the challenge myself.

Sooooo, What is the best ____ in Santa Monica. ( for the characters described above )

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  1. Huckleberry for breakfast/brunch.

    1. Take them for a Croque Madame for lunch at Amandine and a burrata omelet at Cora's for breakfast and have drinks (Virgin Mary's for them and one with high octane for you) and appetizers at the Lobster as the sun goes down.

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        I have not had the Croque Madame and I am a huge fan of Amandine. Best croissant, especially for $1.95 (take-out). I really like their quiche with ham (or turkey) and cheese and onion and/or spinach or zucchini or tomato or red bell) and their french toast with 2 thick slices of brioche (great dish to share). Omelets and most sandwiches there are ok. Their dessert case is wonderful -- the key lime or lemon, the berries over cream pies/tarts, I don't think I've had any chocolates.

        Order at the counter and then choose a table inside or a couple in front and a few out back. Substantially more pleasant and less hassled than Huckleberry or Milos and Olive at substantially less of a price tag.

      2. How about Fig at the Fairmont? Tasty vittle, and a mighty purdy view of the pool...

        1. How about Musha?
          That'll rock their world, no?

          And maybe this is the time and place for ROC Star Dumpling? You did say they liked their "dumplins' flat" right?

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            I would second Roc Star, but it's also not exactly in Santa Monica.

          2. super fabulous, some unique observations I have not thought of and most will get a try, as I have about 21 meals to recommend, 15+ in SM, I'm going to mix a "rock your world" (Musha, Tar & Roses) with some calming & classics (Amandine, Cora's, The Lobster, Fig)

            How about Hinano Burgers to go for a picnic on the beach with the kiddos, will they allow this? Keep um' coming, (purdy, schrute farms...classic)

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            1. re: CharlesKochel

              Hinano's is 21 and over. That said you could order to go and take the burgers out to the kids.