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May 13, 2013 09:02 PM

Reasonable and interesting London dinner near Duchess Theatre? [London]

We're a couple of Canadians with Saturday theatre tickets in a few weeks. Looking for reasonable (15-20 pounds?) relatively quick and tasty food, with vegetarian options. The only thing I've seen on chowhound is a mediocre review for an Indian restaurant on Catherine Street. We're pretty open - Indian, Persian, Turkish, Thai, Continental, non-greasy pub food.... Suggestions?

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  1. This website might help you. I once ate at Cote, which is a chain but the food was OK and probably in your price range if you don't order too many courses. Good restaurants in that area tend to be a bit on the expensive side. Dishoom is not a very long walk away. You can Google to see what that's about.

    1. Mishkin's (a modern take on a nyc style deli) is very cool (Polpo group) and reasonably cheap.

      Opera Tavern for really good Spanish.

      I think those are the two best in the area by a country mile. Cote is OK for a quick bite but is very much a chain, albeit a cool frenchy one.

      1. Delaunay for its all-day menu. Would be perfect.

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            I was going to suggest that - but would it fit the OP's £15-20 budget?

          2. hawksmoor sevendials has a pre or post theatre 2 course meal for £23 with vegetarian options


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              Hi everyone:

              Yes, I was thinking £15-20 per person. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

              If we're going for pre-theatre dinner on Saturday, around 6 pm, are reservations an absolute necessity?

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                Yes! As eateries there would be packed! I usually do walk-ins for restaurants in the West End area around 7-7.30pm when the pre-theatre dinner crowd starts trickling out.

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                  15-20 is hard I think at all of the restaurants listed, unless you drink water and have a main only.

                  Walk to Chinatown and have very good roast duck at Four Seasons or amazing beef brisket curry at Cafe TPT.