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May 13, 2013 08:44 PM

Good food by Niles area?

Any good suggestion for good food by Niles, IL area? Mainly seeking for decent mexican since the Baja Fresh just close down and we have our fill of Cici pizza and Ginza. Any different buffet too?

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  1. For contemporary Mexican food, there are two excellent places in nearby Skokie: Libertad, and Yolo. Both are dinner only (Libertad does Sunday brunch as well). Yolo is BYOB. Wholly Frijoles in Lincolnwood (open lunch and dinner) is also very popular, but I haven't been there. For more conventional Mexican food, there are numerous places in Des Plaines, but I'm not familiar enough with them to make a recommendation; hopefully others here can.

    1. I can vouch for Wholly Frijoles - it is very good - going further east into Evanston you The Little Mexican Cafe or Taco Diablo -

      1. Libertad is excellent for Latin inspired cuisine, Yolo has some great authentic Mexican as does Wholly Frijoles (although Wholly is a little more Americanized). For a fast food alternative, Taco and Burrito King on Touhy between Caldwell and Milwaukee is a good (I didn't say "great") option. Baja Fresh has been closed for a while and Naf Naf has been in that spot since last year. While by no means Mexican, it's a really great spot.

        1. Na, they opened up another Baja Fresh at golf road, right across from Best buy but it close around a month ago.