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May 13, 2013 08:05 PM

Restaurant Michael Schwartz

Has anybody been? Thoughts?

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  1. Wondering the same thing

    1. Yes, last week and it was great. I used to enjoy going to the Raleigh and eating on the patio. It has aways been one of the best spots on the beach. Now Schwartz is running the kitchen and it's a must do.

      I really enjoyed the fried buffalo style rabbit and the Indian spiced pork loin. I got a bite of the housemade gnudi and it was legit.

      For comparison sake you can check my latest rankings

      1. We went for a birthday and it was pretty perfect. Great space under the trees near the pool, interesting bar drinks and really good food.

        I'm interested in going back for the $50 family meal special on Monday nights.

        1. Went for lunch a couple weeks back and we ate what I would call elevated fancy hotel pool fare - lobster roll, smoked fish dip, chips, fish tacos and a salad. Everything was a hit. Desserts were great of course. We had the candy bar and bread pudding. Drinks were also very good but the bar is limited. Stick to classics or featured cocktails and you will be fine.

          Prices were on par or good for the beach. Service was great (prompt and pleasant staff), and ambiance was very relaxing.