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May 13, 2013 07:55 PM

Getting my wife a night off from baby duty - need good food, relaxing atmosphere, not fussy

We're Boston based and visiting my in-laws so we have built in babysitting. But they live at Bayview and York Mills, so would love to go somewhere either up there (I know, not much) or at least in the Yonge & Eglington vicinity, rather than heading all the way downtown (next time!). Ideal restaurant has great food - especially fish and veggie options - and is a low key place. We're just not up to a super destination style meal right now. Basically we want a really good neighborhood place, and I'm hoping someone in the neighborhood can suggest one - thanks!!

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      1. Highly recommend either of the recommendations already made: Quince and Zee Grill are both great neighbourhood spots. There is also Tabule for Middle Eastern and Five Doors North for casual Italian or Zucca for slightly fancier Italian.

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          The already-recommended bistro-ish Quince, on Yonge St. just south of Eglinton, is a strong choice. Also, there's no corkage charge for bring-your-own-wine there on Monday and Tuesday. Same deal at Tabule - no corkage charge Monday and Tuesday - where I find the starters, appetizers and salads much more interesting than the main dishes. I was also impressed at a French bistro I tried recently, on Bayview Ave. several blocks south of Eglinton. It's called L'Avenue. A first-rate trout main dish, one of the best I've tasted. Good soups and salads. Local clientele. Well-run, comfortable.

          Zee Grill, on Mount Pleasant south of Eglinton, is essentially a fish and seafood house, and a good one. Zucca is one of the better modern Italian joints in town. Both, however, are more expensive than the other choices. With wine, you'll be scraping $175-$200 a couple, all in. Don't know Five Doors North - other than, I'm told, that it's noisy.

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            I'd have suggested Zucca, Zee Grill and Quince as well. If you're comfortable with a higher price point, I'd add Auberge du Pommier for romantic atmosphere and generally nice service. It's not flashy, but it's solid finer dining. Copper Chimney is on Avenue Road near Wilson/#401. For fish and seafood, you could head a bit east to Diana's Seafood. If you don't mind coming a bit further south, Cava is still a really nice night out, though it can get noisy on Thursday - Saturday nights. Earlier in the week is less busy and noisy.

          2. These are all terrific choices - thank you! I think we'll try for Quince. Looking forward to it!

              1. re: northernstardust

                Nice of you to say, but if I were better at waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby rather than being a ridiculously deep sleeper, the necessity of this dinner might not be so dire! Thanks again to everyone for their ideas. Hoping we'll get out to Quince or one of the others...

                1. re: nseton

                  Hang in there--little babies are a ton of work.